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Instagramming Part 26..London, Milan & Paris!


1.Valentino Exhibition 2.Catwalk of Couture 3. Smiley 4. Feel good Fleurs 5. Mini iPad 6. Pink Prettiness 7. Darling Gizmo 8. Valentines Gift 9. LFW with the girls 10. LFW 11. StreetWalk LFW 12. Backstage at Ekaterina 13. Ekaterina LOVE! 14. Matching Miu 15.Blown Away 16. Flying to Milan 17. Italian Men! 18. Missoni Invite MFW 19. Orange! 20. Duomo, Milan 21. Milano 22. Snowing at Duomo 23. Missoni Show MFW 24. Waking up in PARIS! 25. Lunch in my favourite store 26.Opera par nuit 27. Dreamy 28. Love Bridge 29. Macaroons 30. Notre Dame 31. Inside Notre Dame 32. Partying in Paris with NYC on my mind 33. Post PFW Partying 34. Paris is my everything 35. Eiffel 38. Birdy Kids in Le Marais

Hello my loves haven't done an Instagram post in a little while so thought I would round up the last few hectic weeks of my life. I know I haven't updated as regular as usual - SORRY! Fashion week killed me, from London to Milan to Paris not that I'm complaining! London was great being backstage with The Body Shop and  I actually went to quite a few shows more than usual. I then flew to Milan for the weekend and went to the Missoni show which was just incredible, Italians really are impeccably dressed and they have so much suave. From Milan I flew to Paris and spent a few days hanging out with friends, I stayed with my darling Audrey. I had such a great time being back in the city I love so much. We even partied PFW style! Back now in miserable, grey, London! Let's hope the weather clears up this weekend. 

Have a good one! 

Lots of Love

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  1. Those photos are so lovely. I especially like one of the Eiffel Tower.


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