Essie - Blanc


A couple of weeks ago I was at my girl Tali's place and she had perfectly painted white nails, I knew I couldn't resist and had to get involved. I have always loved white on my nails, I know some people can't stand that tippex-esque look but me on the other hand - I adore it! I love the contrast of white with my skin tone and Essie's 'Blanc' is definitely the ONE! Now let's discuss white nail polish for a minute, I find it so difficult to find that perfect white polish that applies effortlessly  with minimal mess and streaks. From the whites I have used in the past I always find I have to apply one too many coats for it to at least look acceptable. 


I must admit I was so pleasantly surprised by this Essie polish, I think Essie have a great variety of colours but I never really get on with the consistency of them. This 'Blanc' on the other hand is perfection as far as white polishes go. I also used Tali's topcoat the Nails inc. Kensington gel coat and I was so impressed. I didn't think I would find anything that would come close to my beloved Seche Vite but I have to say this one is definitely one to try. 

Oh and lastly, this didn't chip for days! I was so impressed! Love it.. 

What have you been rocking lately?

Lots of Love 


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Although I am not particularly fond of the tipex look, I think you can wear it so well.


  2. The nail polish looks amazing. I've wanted to wear a white nail polish for so long but I'm scared of the tipex look haha. Although it looks so good with your skin tone! Really tempted to try it now :) xoxo

  3. haha I got one today! Mainly for the french manicure but looking at your nails ? Forget the french! XO

  4. It looks good.
    I also have the tip-ex feeling when i wear it, but when i see your hands with the white polish it looks very nice.

    XO Arezu

  5. I may just purchase this Essie shade thanks to your amazing review :)

  6. Love white nails, pretty ring btw (:


  7. A reminder that I must get a white nail polish!

  8. Love this! Can't wait to get a tan so I can pull this off.

    Sarah xx

  9. I do love a good white nail!!
    Also where is this ring from, so gorgeous

  10. I love white nails! I need to pick up blanc. It looks like a great color!

    -Erica xx


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