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Design Glassware by Mont Bleu

I am often asked about what I do to keep my nails healthy and I must admit my secret for the last few years has been something so simple yet so effective - Glass nail files. I only ever use them for a number of reasons. They are much better for your nails and help prevent chipping and breakage. Also they last forever, you don't need to replace glass nail files as they are etched permanently- Amazing! 


I'd been using one I picked up in a pharmacy in Dubai a few years ago, until I was sent over these gorgeous nail files by Design Glassware (Mont Bleu). I can't believe how pretty they are, bejewelled with Swarovski crystals and complete with a velvet protective sleeve these nail files are beautiful. I have no qualms with pulling out these fabulous files of my bag. 


What I love about Design Glassware's collection of nail files is that there are so many gorgeous colours and designs! 


I was also sent two foot files and I absolutely love them,  especially the pink one as the size is perfect and of course, it's pink! A foot file is another must have for keeping my feet soft, smooth and free from hard skin.


Check out Design Glassware by Mont Bleu HERE.

Do any of you use glass nail files? Aren't they just great!

Lots of Love 


  1. I swear by glass nail files but never owned one that pretty! I might have to order one of those!

  2. Wow they are gorgeous, i've never used glass files before, i'm going to have to check these out x


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