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No!No! 8800 - Hair Removal Kit Update


It's been a very long time since I actually revisited the subject of the No!No! hair removal kit and there are a number of reasons why. A lot of people have been asking me for an update and I figured it would only be fair to share my experiences. I first started using the No!No! about a year ago and I stopped using it about four months later. The No!No! 8800 machine uses Thermicon technology and is essentially meant be a pain free, long lasting hair removal solution. Yes it's not particularly pain free, but NO it's not long lasting - far from it. 

I was using the No!No! on my arms and my face and Initially I was impressed with the way it slowed down my hair growth, however as the weeks progressed I found my hair was growing back a lot coarser than before - very disheartening! I decided to take a break from using the No!No! and when I realised how badly using this machine had affected my hair growth I stopped using it all together. If I'm honest from my personal experience using the No!No! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone considering it.

As a result of my bad experience with the No!No! I have now begun to research professional laser hair removal (leave it to the professionals, I say!) and I have looked in to various different methods of hair removal. I am actually going to book a consultation with sk:n clinics and see what they suggest. 

Have any of you had laser hair removal before? What were the results like?

Lots of Love 


  1. Oh no, this sounds awful. I honestly would have considered this because I would absolutely love to have a permament hair removal solution, but I can't believe it made the hair grow back coarser. That is exactly the opposite of what I would expect!

    I haven't personally had any laser hair removal, but I would really like to, and one of my colleagues says a friend of hers has had it with brilliant results.

  2. I have had laser removal [= ! I found it really effective when I had my course of treatment. Now my hair doesn't grow back hardly at all, so I invested in the philips silk n go I think it is ? and just do a little top up every 3 months in the areas I had done [= ! I also noticed that when my hair did grow back it was a lot lighter to. (im greek cypriot olive skinned with VERY dark hair) aha. I hope your successful skin clinics are amazing xxx

  3. Thank u so much for this honest post bc the commercials for no!no! are VERY convincing!

    I've recently started getting professional laser hair removal recently, and have had 3 sessions on my face and 2 on my underarms. It hurts, but the hair is almost completely gone already! And when it grows back, it is MUCH finer and very sparse.

    I would definitely recommend getting it professionally done, you will love the results!

  4. I have been looking out for a long term review of No!No! I was contemplating between this and laser removal. I think I will go for the latter as a lot of my friends have had laser done and swear by it x

  5. I use the No No and have had a different experience, I've found my hair has grown back less, my legs are patchy and the hair that does continue to grow is alot softer & finer. Personally I would recommed it for people to try x

  6. Whatever you do, research your laser before hand!! Personally, I wouldn't go to the Skin Clinic if I were you (they're a major rip-off). I'm getting a full body done - it's the best feeling ever! Cannot wait to be hair free!!

  7. Yea, I recommend premier laser clinic for anyone in london, good quality, super safe and just generally the best £1000 pounds I spent, :)

  8. I have had laser hair removal and the results were long lasting and effective. I too went to sk:n clinic, namely the one in Maida Vale - London, and the ladies there are very nice and helpful.

  9. I bought a product like this but it disappointed me, may be it was of low quality, will check this one after reading some reviews about it.


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