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LA Science - Anti Hair Loss Shampoo & Serum


Luxury shampoo that actually prevents hair loss? YES please! For a while now I have noticed my hair seems to be falling out a lot more than usual. This all started last Summer, when I bleached/ombred my hair and I begun to notice patches where my hair had thinned quite a considerable amount. This of course, is a little daunting - In your twenties and worrying about loosing hair. So when LA Science sent me over these products I was a little skeptical as to whether or not they would work, but I have to say it has definitely reduced the amount of fall out I was experiencing. The follicle stimulating shampoo is designed to increase blood flow to the scalp whilst conditioning the hair and follicles.The serum is a product that works in conjunction with the shampooo by encouraging growth and thickening the hair, this again nurtures the hair follicles. The serum is a daily intensive treatment and I have been using both of these products for around three weeks now, I noticed results after the second week, 

I really recommend checking out the range especially if you, like me are loosing hair. It can be a little disheartening and using these products has really re-encouraged growth, I'm feeling a little more confident about the current condition of my hair.

LA Science is available from Boots HERE

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  1. i experienced similar issues with my hair in 2009/2010 - after dying it, combined with the winter weather, my hair started to break (my hair type is afro, but i relax it). i ended up cutting my hair to a crop style and started growing it again.

    it's good that LA Science has come up with a product that prevents hair loss; however i think that diet has a major part to play as well. make sure you're getting your regular intake of essential vitamins and oils through food and possibly vitamin supplements x

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  2. Ah, I've been looking around for a product like this but find it daunting to buy as I'm quite skeptical on hair products.
    But after reading this, I think I may purchase it.

    Do you think it will work well on highlighted blonde hair? :)

  3. Hey Zara, have you tried castor oil? I've got to say you can't really beat the natural, organic stuff for strengthening hair. I experienced dramatic hair loss a year ago due to the side effects of some medication I was on and have found castor oil an absolute miracle product. I know Yinka swears by it too. I saw a huge different within a few weeks - hair stopped breaking off which normally was the case from brushing. I think there are other oils like mustard (that stinks though) - coconut is more for conditioning and shine but if you are worried about hair loss, then I would strongly suggest you try this.

    1. I agree with this Sheenie! I had major hairloss as a side effect from medication too, and the only thing that controlled it was oils. I tried Nixoin and all sorts. I used a mixture of castor oil (which is also great on the face for oil cleansing (check my blog for instructions), black seed oil and coconut oil. Also, Garlic shampoo is really good in conjunction with the oil treatments (can be found on Amazon - just google Nutrine Garlic Shampoo, or I did a post on it on my blog).
      (This sounds like an advertisement for my blog, but its not, promise!)
      Great post though!!

  4. Ohh that is interesting. Do you know if it would be any good for male hair?


  5. Well, if it is possible to combat hair loss with the help of hair regrow solution , it would really be a great experience for me, as I am worried of getting bald someday.


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