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Instagramming Part 25..2013!


1.A bit of a pattern 2. En route to Paris 3. Empty Eurostar 4.Oberkampf 5.Cafe Pouchkine 6. Galleries Lafayette 7. With my mama at Dali exhibition 8. Winter in Paris 9. Elephants 10. Frassy's Kitty 11. haberdashery shop in St Paul 12. Hotel de Ville 13. Paris 14. My darling Jasmine 15. La Fav 16. Galleries Lafayette exhibition 17. Merry go Round 18. Moi 19. Super Nicoise 20. Le Marais 21. FishKitty 22. Bisous 23. Pretty 24. Le Louvre 25. Home 26. Snow 27. Me n my Bro 28.Penhalligons 29. Nespresso 30. Fruit at Illamasqua 31. I'mperfection 32. Me and Muhsine 33. Instagramming 34. In the Illamasqua magazine 35. Clinique Chubby Eye event 36. Pinkberry with Muhsine 

Hello my loves, I hope you guys are all well!? Can you believe it's February already! Where has the last month gone? The month started in Paris but ended back in London. I had a great time being back in Paris and my mum came for a few days it was perfect! We went to exhibitions, spent the afternoons in coffee shops, went shopping and had fabulous dinners. I was in Paris for a few weeks but then had to come back home as a few things happened here and I couldn't bear to be away from my friends and family (I had some bad news) so I decided to move back. All is fine and I'm ok but I miss Paris terribly nevertheless I had a great time and can't wait to go back and see all my friends when I next get the chance to. One thing about me is that I always act on impulse and I'm glad because it has allowed me to see so much of this wonderful world. I had intended to stay in Paris much longer but it doesn't matter because the world really is so big and amazing that sitting still for me isn't an option. I feel like making the initial move to Paris has changed me and I learnt so much about myself, I kind of can't wait to do it again - somewhere warmer perhaps?

I am really looking forward to 2013, I think it's generally going to be a great year! 

Must dash I'm late for the gym, speak soon! 

Lots of Love


  1. Ahh Paris! My favourite city :)
    Love the photos, the merry go round one is sooo pretty! xxx

  2. I love your Instagram posts! Paris is a gorgeous city, but London rules!

  3. Paris seems so beautiful, as well as London. Hope to visit one of the two one day! Great snapshots!
    The Introverted Brunette

  4. Amazing. Would love to go to pairs. Although it looks freezing! You Should check out Crane TV..I think you might like it


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