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I'm on a total New Years health kick and I have to say it's going pretty well considering it's February and I'm still at it! I have realised how important health and fitness is to my general well being. I feel like I've come in to 2013 with a very different mindset and to be honest it's down to one person (a very inspiring and motivating friend of mine!) and I am so thankful to them for that. 

This post is generally about fitness and being more active, I will be doing another post on diet and eating habits soon. I've got myself in to a great routine at the gym and for the first time I'm really enjoying working out. I've been going 4 times a week and I think it's important to do a combination of different things to keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic. I usually do a Zumba class, a Boxing class, a cardio workout and then once a week I like to swim or do Aqua Aerobics. 


Cardio I find the most difficult to enjoy and to me it's a bit dull if I'm honest, but I've found working out with my bestie is fun we motivate each other and spend our time catching up whilst working out. If I'm alone I tend to take my iPad and instead of counting down the seconds, I end up getting lost in my favourite TV series! 

Nike Lunarswift Plus 4 


New things always get me motivated and nothing gets me geared for the gym like a new pair of kicks. I adore these Nike Lunarswift Plus 4 they are comfortable, have great support and of course look fab on! I find in particular the mesh material allows your feet to breathe, yet still keeps my feet feeling secure. I can't stress enough how important the right footwear is when working out and these Lunarswift are the perfect workout pair! I got mine from SimplySweat you can check them out HERE

They have a great collection of fitness products and what I love most is that there are many different outlets to SimplySweat, they have SimplySwim, SimplyHike, SimplyBeach and many more. They also have a great sale on at the moment, so why not bag yourself a few bargains. 


Polar FT4 

Another thing that has really got me motivated is my new pink Polar FT4 fitness watch, firstly it's PINK! I'm a complete girly girl - you know that right? So.. not only does it match my new Nikes but it's also a pretty way to monitor your workouts. The watch is so easy to use and allows you to keep track of your 10 most recent work out sessions. The FT4 monitors the duration of your sessions, your heart rate and calories burned etc. Target Zone is a feature which shows improvements in your fitness according to your heart rate - I love it!


I like being able to save the data and use that to keep myself on track. You have to wear a relatively thin transmitter strap just under your chest muscles, so for us women under the breasts and there's a connector that works in conjunction with the watch. Polar watches are widely available from fitness stores check out the FT4 HERE for more information. 


I know I will never be a size zero and to be honest I don't want that! I just want to be fit, healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin. I am currently loving exercise and my two new pink products have really got me geared up to get fit! 

Are any of you into fitness? Or trying to be more active? Would love to know what motivates you?
Speak soon, I'm running late for Zumba!
Lots of Love


  1. I too am on a health kick, can't wait to see your diet tips. Thats the bit I find hardest - eating healthy!! Love your trainers!

  2. good on you for sticking with it! :) I told myself that I'd be fitter and healthier in 2013 and I'm proud to say I've stuck to it too, every other year I've given up by the end of the first week!

  3. good on you for stickin with :).

    im a exercise bike fanatic x

    cath kidston giveaway:

  4. Love the trainers. I love Nike as they seem to be wider than other brands. Love that they're grey but girly without being twee. I'm not a runner, but these look ideal for my school 'run'.

    Jules x

  5. I am thinking to shop for the Polar watch and that i have a matter, will it shows the calories burnt if you do not wear the guts rate monitor strap? I hope it will, as I realize them therefore uncomfortable. i might simply would like this stay up for the athletic facility, for lifting, as I actually have a Garmin forrunner one hundred ten gps stay up for runs. many thanks therefore much!!!


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