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Instagramming Part 24.. Last of 2012!



1.Picturesque Paris 2. Mouldyfruit by Chloehollywood haha 3.My Christmas Espresso 4. Christmas Tree in Galleries Lafayette 5. Best Macaroons, Cafe Pouchkine 6. Real hot choc! 7. Cafe Favorite in Saint-Paul 8. Inside Le Louvre 9. 'Noel' Le Louvre 10. Planet Sushi 11. Cute Stamps 12. My girls 13. Moody Me 14. Queue for Salvador Dali exhibition 15. DM's 16. Paris by Night 17. Notre Dame 18. Planet Sushi with Chloe 19.Soaked in Uggs with Chloe 20. Woman in Black 21. Rue St Honore 22. Christmas dinner with Vanessa 23. Christmas lights in Madeline 24. Paris/London 25. Tidying at home 26. My cute corner 27. Pharrell 28. Christmas nails 29. Free Bubble Tea! 30. New RED lippy LOVE 31. Christmas! 32. love my coffee machine! 33. Out of hibernation 34. Lebanese 35. FOOD! 36. Filming 37. Black and Shiny 38. NYE London Eye 39. Healthy start to NY 40. Pink Lips! 

Hello hunnies, the last of my Instagram pics from 2012! Still can't believe we are in 2013 but I am super excited for this year and I feel really positive about everything. I am back home in London and had a great time spending Christmas/New years with friends and family. It was the perfect ending to such a great year, so much happened last year things that I never would have dreamt of and just looking through these Instagram posts makes me realise how wonderful 2012 was. I have attempted to start this year healthy and happy. After the Christmas binge and the constant consumption of coffee it was definitely time. 

I hope you guys are all well and having a great start to the year. 

Lots of Love 


  1. happy new year :) beautiful you & beautiful pictures! Loving the positivity I'm feeling the same way
    x x

  2. I've been following you since like 2010 and I keep noticing how your photography is absolutely amazing.

    Love from New York


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