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Caudalie - Divine Oil


This Caudalie Divine Oil is currently one of my must have multi purpose products. I love being able to use this product all over from my skin to my hair and even in the bath - it really works wonders. I absolutely adore the texture of this oil It's lightweight, non greasy and absorbs really well into my skin. I have very dry skin so I have been using this overnight on my face and I've definitely noticed a difference. This mini bottle was part of a Caudalie gift set but both this bottle and the regular size have a spray which allows you to disperse the oil with minimal mess. Did I mention? the smell is to die for!

I love using oils on my body, Am I the only one? Have any of you tried this? 

Caudalie Divine Oil is available HERE.

Lots of Love 


  1. Oo I love anything form Caudalie. Thanks for sharing!
    xx ♥

  2. I really want to try this, it sounds amazing. x

  3. I didn't realise it had a spray but that's really convinced me i need it haha, every one always says how gorgeous it smells but i'm still not sure what it actually smells like?! i guess i'll just have to buy it and find out!

    Zoe |

  4. i am really intrueged in these multi purpose oils. ive only had a few in my glossyboxes and I do love them....

  5. I absolutely love this oil, I've done my review HERE if you're interested :) It smells so good doesn't it? And it sinks in quickly. What a perfect body oil!

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  6. This is defiantly on my list for 2013!! :)


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