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Speckle is one of the new nail polishes from Illamasqua's I'mperfection collection. This nail polish is gorgeous I've been wearing it since the event, it really gets me in the mood for Spring. Tha lilac nail polish is complimented with dark green speckles, to me it's very Easter Chic as I mentioned in my post on the event (See HERE), these nail polishes remind me of Cadbury's mini eggs! 


I really adore all the colours in this collection but there's something about the lilac that I love a little more than the others! I applied two coats of Speckle but one coat was pretty impressive. I think the effect is so unique and Illamasqua nail polishes never fail me! The colours are fabulous, the consistency is great and the different finishes are a lot of fun! 



What do you guys think of speckled nails? Illamasqua's I'mperfection collection is out tomorrow! (31/1/13) so be sure to check it out HERE

Lots of Love

Illamasqua - Speckle

Speckle is one of the new nail polishes from Illamasqua's I'mperfection collection. This nail polish is gorgeous I've been...

The Emma Hardie 'Natural Lift AM/PM moisturiser' was a product I started using at the beginning of 2013 and I have to say it has been such a pleasant surprise. I initially thought with my skin being dry/very dry this moisturiser wouldn't be sufficient to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. However I have been so impressed with this moisturiser and the way it has really improved the condition of my skin. What I love, is how the texture is so lightweight yet it enriches my skin with so much moisture. I also love the fact that this moisturiser can be used as a day cream and a night cream, as I mention so often I love products that have multiple uses and this is one of them. I must also mention that because of it's non greasy finish this face cream is a fabulous base for make up. I also find it's so handy to have my moisturiser in a pump! 

I am really enjoying this face cream at the moment, I have also been using the Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm but more on that another time!

Check out the Emma Hardie Natural Life AM/PM moisturiser HERE

Lots of Love 

Emma Hardie - Natural Lift AM/PM Moisturiser


Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well I uploaded a HAUL video a few days ago on my YouTube channel featuring some great bits I'd picked up in Paris and London, some in the sales, some were Christmas gifts etc. I love watching hauls I always discover great things by watching other peoples hauls, so hope you enjoy this one! For full info on everything mentioned open in YouTube.

Speak soon, Lots of Love

Collective Haul Video


I am slightly obsessed with all things almond and lately I have found myself reaching for Almond Oil on a daily basis. I think it's one of the most inexpensive all round beauty must haves. I literally use this for everything from my hair to my skin - For my hair it really keeps my hair shiny and healthy. For my skin Almond Oil really works wonders I suffer from dry skin and often use this overnight, I love how nourishing it feels on my skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.  A lot of people often ask what I use to maintain and keep my nails strong and for years almond oil has been my saviour. I generally love oils for my face and body and this essential oil is one that is always in my cupboards. 

You can purchase Almond Oil in most health stores and pharmacies for pretty cheap, available HERE at Boots for £1.59 what a bargain!

What are your inexpensive beauty secret weapons? Any of you Almond fans?

P.S I can't stop eating Almonds they are my super snack throughout the day! 

Lots of Love 

Almond Oil


Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Illamasqua preview for the Spring collection 'I'mperfection' like all Illamasqua collections this one had a great message behind it; This collection was about embracing imperfections as beauty. In the words of Alex Box 'Nothing is imperfect, only uniquely beautiful; in fact, within the world 'imperfect' lives two words that challenge it 'I'm Perfect!' This collection is really about accepting flaws, celebrating them and confidently accepting them as beauty. This is so refreshing to see within the beauty industry and I love how Illamasqua challenges the normal conformities. 



I loved the campaign shot with the woman with freckles and how some of her skin was concealed and the rest  was left bare. I enthused how this idea was translated throughout the collection, especially in the nail polishes and even with the twist on the traditional black eyeliner with the addition of white dots. 


Here's Alex Box recreating the look on Gemma. I think it looks incredible, almost feather like. 


I adore the nail polishes from this collection, the freckled pastels are so pretty for Spring, they almost remind me of Mini Eggs - Very Easter chic! Here's the blue in - 'Fragile' on the lovely Sheenie



The collection consists of three blusher duos all of which are extremely pigmented. These are gorgeous and all so wearable, the consistency of Illamasqua blushers is great and they blend effortlessly into the skin. Here's the swatches on my darling Mushine's hand with just with one swipe. 


The collection also consists of two lip products. Obviously no Illamasqua collection is complete without an outrageously bold colour and the green lip gloss in 'I'mperfection' is definitely not for the faint hearted. One thing David Horne explained was about mixing the lip gloss with other shades to create your unique colour palette. The other lip product is the lipstick in 'Immodest' this is right up my street, a bright hot pink - I adore Illamasqua's pink lipsticks and I think this one is going to be another one to add to the favourites. 

My favourite piece of the collection has to be the innovative 'Blush up brush' which is meant to be used in upward motions. This is honestly going to be such a great tool to apply blusher and to contour with. The bristles are so soft yet the brush itself is really firm. I am so excited to try this and I can't wait to let you guys know how I get on with it. 


The 'I'mperfection' collection by Illamasqua launches on the 31st of January and will be available HERE

Illamasqua have also launched a new magazine and look who I spotted whilst flicking through the pages! 
That would be Moi, Chit Chatting about Pink lipstick! 


I will share swatches and more in-depth reviews on some of the products very soon! 

Lots of Love

Illamasqua - I'mperfection Collection


American Apparel 'Berry' has to be one of the best burgundy polishes I own, I've had it for quite some time now but realised I'd never blogged about it - why? I have no idea, it's so beautiful on. I am such a huge fan of American Apparel nail polishes, I find the application is perfect and I have to stay they last on me for ages without chipping. 


What I love about this colour is that it's just right, some berry nail polishes can end up looking too pink and this one is dark, but JUST RIGHT - I think it's such a sexy colour and I have got so much use out of this during Autumn/Winter.


The only disadvantage in my opinion with AA nail polishes is that they can sometimes stain your nails. I always apply OPI Nail Envy before hand which works wonders and of course I end with Seche Vite for that ultra glossy finish. 


I am loving this colour lately and this blogpost was well overdue. Check out the American Apparel nail polishes HERE

What have you guys been wearing lately?
Lots of Love 

American Apparel - Berry


So if you guys remember this POST and this VIDEO you will know how much I was loving the Sephora super sparkly, sexy and sultry eyeshadow 'Meet me at Midnight'. Lets rewind to last week, I'm back in Paris strolling through Sephora and what do I see? All of their own brand eyeshadows have been reduced from 10 euros to 3! SAY WHAT. Yes 3 euros I actually couldn't believe it so of course I picked up more and I could have picked up even MORE but my friend Jasmine pulled me away. *Sulks* Nevertheless the colours I picked up are true beauts.

Choco Excess 
 A beautiful rich brown eyeshadow, with warm red undertones and glitter.



Favourite Song 
 A gorgeous muted gold eyeshadow with lots of shimmer. 



Starry Sky 
 A super strong black with silver sparkle - so sexy!



I love how pigmented these eyeshadows are and the way they blend effortlessly on to the eyes. The shimmer in these shadows catches the light so nicely, they really are so pretty on!  I hadn't bought eyeshadows for years because I own one too many but these babies had to come home with me! 

If any of you guys are near a Sephora I suggest you get yourself down there and grab a beautiful bargain. Check these eyeshadows out HERE

Lots of Love 

Sephora Sale!


I am sure by now many of you know my love for lip stains. Surprise surprise I have yet another one for you today and this gorgeous red lip stain is 'Tesoro' by Stila cosmetics. 


The colour is divine it is such a vibrant, orange based red. The consistency is creamy and dries
 with a matte, almost velvet finish - so sexy! I do find you have to work relatively quick with this lip product as it dries super fast on the lips - no time for mistakes! I have to say I love the applicator of this lip stain it makes the perfect pout so achievable. 


When it comes to bold, bright colours I adore a matte lip and I would definitely recommend the Stila stay all day liquid lipstick as a great alternative to my holy grail Sephora cream lip stains. The finish of the Stila liquid lipstick in 'Tesoro' is almost identical to the Sephora 'Always Red' just a tad brighter.



Check out Stila's stay all day liquid lipstick HERE
Have you guys tried any Stila products?

Lots of Love 

Stila Liquid Lipstick - Tesoro


Hey lovelies! I hope you have all had a great week, it's been a bit hectic on my end so apologies for the lack of posts. I uploaded this video last week and it''s a run through on my favourite products of last year. Sometimes it's so much easier talking through my favourite things, hope you like this one! 

Have a fab weekend and wrap up warm guys!

Lots of Love 

2012 Favourites Video


Astrid & Miyu have recently launched ' The Secret Box' a quarterly subscription which allows jewellery lovers like myself to receive a box of treats every 3 months! You may remember when I initially posted about their fabulous jewellery HERE. Now for £39 + Free delivery you can receive up to £200 worth of beautiful pieces handpicked by the Astrid & Miyu team. What I love is that you complete a short questionnaire and the team pick pieces tailored to your taste. Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else it really is a great concept and the subscription can be cancelled at any time.


I was lucky enough to try the first box and I have to say the pieces were lovely. I was sent two pairs of earrings. The first pair were the rose gold 'Love at first sight', I was so thrilled to have received these as I already own the Love at First sight ring (See HERE). The earrings are beautiful and make me fall in love with rose gold all over again. I like that they are small, dainty and the design is so unique. 


The second pair are  the 'Crowned Pearl' a gorgeous champagne pearl earring which sit on a small diamante crown. I think these are a little less to my taste but still gorgeous and would make a great a gift. 


If you are an accessories addict like myself, then you should definitely check out Astrid & Miyu's Secret Box Concept or even just have a PEEK at their pretty pieces. 

Lots of Love 

Astrid & Miyu Secret Box


Nothing like a neon lip to cheer you up on a cold Winters day and this beauty is an oldie, but a goodie from Illamasqua. It's amazing what you find when you are having a rummage through your never ending make up collection. This is Corrupt by Illamsqua and when I first bought this colour I couldn't get enough of it, wearing it the other day made me realise why. Gone were the days that bright pink lips would be all I rocked, sad but I call it make up maturity. Nevertheless fun to play with now and then. One thing I adore about the Illamsqua lipsticks not only are they bold and beautiful, the finish is super matte - LOVE! 


I also curled my hair partly with straighteners (as always) and then I added a few more curls using my curling wand which I haven't used for years! It's so time consuming but definitely worth it for that added bounce. It kind of had me wishing that my hair would naturally curl the way it used to, it even had me contemplating a perm. 


Can we please ignore the fact that I have panda eyes, all I do is sleep so I don't know why I look so terribly tired! ARGHH..

MAC Studio Sculpt NC44
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW35
Dermablend Translucent Powder

NARS 'Casino' 

MAC 'Gingerly' 

Benefit 'Watt's up!' 

MAC 'Devil May Dare Warm e/s Palette' (LE)
MAC 'Blacktrack' Fluidline 
NARS Volumizing Mascara

Illamasqua 'Corrupt'

Rococo 'Funboy'

Corrupt is available HERE.  What lip colours have you dolls been reaching for lately?

Lots of Love 

Illamasqua - Corrupt


Hello honeys hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! I have so much to do today it's a little bit crazy, so I thought while I'm sipping on my morning coffee I would start by getting some of it done. I filmed this video on my December favourites last week, it's nice to be home and reunited with my fun floral background. December really whizzed past and so did the second half of last year - so crazy how times flying! I have my 2012 favourites video to edit today so look out for that in the week. Don't forget to open in YouTube for more information. 

Hope you guys are well 

Lots of Love 

December Favourites Video



1.Picturesque Paris 2. Mouldyfruit by Chloehollywood haha 3.My Christmas Espresso 4. Christmas Tree in Galleries Lafayette 5. Best Macaroons, Cafe Pouchkine 6. Real hot choc! 7. Cafe Favorite in Saint-Paul 8. Inside Le Louvre 9. 'Noel' Le Louvre 10. Planet Sushi 11. Cute Stamps 12. My girls 13. Moody Me 14. Queue for Salvador Dali exhibition 15. DM's 16. Paris by Night 17. Notre Dame 18. Planet Sushi with Chloe 19.Soaked in Uggs with Chloe 20. Woman in Black 21. Rue St Honore 22. Christmas dinner with Vanessa 23. Christmas lights in Madeline 24. Paris/London 25. Tidying at home 26. My cute corner 27. Pharrell 28. Christmas nails 29. Free Bubble Tea! 30. New RED lippy LOVE 31. Christmas! 32. love my coffee machine! 33. Out of hibernation 34. Lebanese 35. FOOD! 36. Filming 37. Black and Shiny 38. NYE London Eye 39. Healthy start to NY 40. Pink Lips! 

Hello hunnies, the last of my Instagram pics from 2012! Still can't believe we are in 2013 but I am super excited for this year and I feel really positive about everything. I am back home in London and had a great time spending Christmas/New years with friends and family. It was the perfect ending to such a great year, so much happened last year things that I never would have dreamt of and just looking through these Instagram posts makes me realise how wonderful 2012 was. I have attempted to start this year healthy and happy. After the Christmas binge and the constant consumption of coffee it was definitely time. 

I hope you guys are all well and having a great start to the year. 

Lots of Love 

Instagramming Part 24.. Last of 2012!

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