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Burberry recently sent me some products from their new collection to try and I have to say they are absolutely beautiful. I haven't been so in to make up lately I pretty much wear the same thing and over the last week or so these two have been staples in my make up routine. 

The packaging of the Burberry make up is a glamorous as you'd expect it to be, super sleek with gorgeous detail. I love how the products are embossed with the Burberry print, I really didn't want to use the products at first because they looked too pretty to touch.

Sheer Eyeshadow Rosewood 09


The eyeshadow is such a beautiful colour - a soft pewter with a beige shimmer to it. It's such an easy colour to wear I have been wearing this colour swept over my lids with my typical winged eyeliner. I think this colour would work well on everyones skin tone, I think this would look great with some darker eyeshadow in the crease really smoked out.  I love that the eyeshadow comes with a small applicator, make up brands hardly do this anymore. 


Lip Mist Copper 202


The lipstick is a gorgeous nude with a glossy finish, it's the perfect soft toned minimal fuss kind of lipstick. It feels so effortless on the lips and lasts pretty long considering it has a glossy finish. The lid of the lipstick is magnetic (Impressive!) this makes it ideal for your handbag! Don't you just hate it when make up products loose their lids in the bottom of your bag! 


I have been really enjoying these two new editions to my everyday routine


The rest of the make up was my usual, but here you are just in case! 

MAC Studio Sculpt NC44
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer number 5 
MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Powder

NARS Casino

Liz Earler Peony 

Benefit Sun Beam 

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow Rosewood 09
Inglot Gel liner 
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curve

Burberry Lip Mist Copper 202


Burberry Make up is available to buy HERE 

Have any of you checked out Burberry's make up line? Hope you are all having a good weekend I have so many posts to write and upload it's CRAZY and I've been really bad and lazy lately! SORRY.. 

Lots of Love 

(127) Burberry Beauty

Burberry recently sent me some products from their new collection to try and I have to say they are absolutely beautiful. I haven'...

You may not know this about me but I love exhibitions and I like most girls adore the beautiful red soled wonders that are of course Chritistian Louboutin shoes. It was a total no brainer when it came to visiting Louboutin's current exhibition at London's Design Museum, an amazing display celebrating the wonderful work of the iconic shoe designer. 


The exhibition is spread out over various rooms and it was such a nice way to spend the afternoon wandering in the world of Louboutin. The Christian Louboutin exhibition is visually stunning and so inspirational, it's amazing to see how the brand has developed  and see how much Monsieur Louboutin has accomplished over the last 20 years.


While photography is not permitted I managed to take some sneaky phone pictures, no pictures would do this exhibition justice it really is a must see.


The exhibition has been on since the 1st May and is on for till the 9th July, if you are looking for something to do over the next week you should definitely head on down to London's Design Museum. 

Check out London's Design Museum HERE for more information.

This exhibition has me now lusting for a new pair of red bottoms! 

Lots of Loubi Love 

(126) Louboutin at London's Design Museum


In case any of you haven't seen it, I uploaded a video last week on my favourite products for treating and styling my hair. As many of you are aware my hair is bleached and it has caused a lot of damage so the products I mention have been great at looking after the condition of my hair as well as preparing it for heat styling. 

Open the video in YouTube for links to the products mentioned. 

What have you been loving and using for your hair lately?

Lots of Love 

(125) Current Favourite Hair Products Video


John Frieda have come out with a fabulous new line 'Full Repair' which is a great range designed for over styled hair. Since bleaching ombreing my hair I have been paying more attention to the product I use and trying to help maintain the condition of it. Bleaching is obviously really damaging to the hair as it strips it of natural colours, the last time I bleached my hair I was around 17 and I used to use the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Range to help keep it in top condition. 

The new 'Full Repair' range is fantastic for preventing breakage in the hair and adds volume back  into the hair. The shampoo, conditioner and styling spray have inch oil as a main ingredient which nourishes and adds omega 3 to the hair. I  particularly love the idea of the styling spray as not only does it create volume and movement in the hair it's also protects your hair against heat. This is to me is the must have product of the range! If you are like me and love to style your hair with heat then and also colour your hair you should definitely check out this product. 


I love the John Frieda range and have used quite a lot of it over the years! Do you guys like the range?
 Good luck 

Lots of Love

(124) John Frieda - Full Repair Range Giveaway!



When I decided to look through my new collection of Mavala nail polishes I found quite a few of the shades were named after cities that I had visited, most of these are places that I hold incredible memories the kind that make you smile from the inside. I decided that I would start a little series with these nail polishes, not only sharing the gorgeous colours but also the cities and the special memories I have. So I present to you..

and this week it's Bordeaux! 


Yesterday I really wanted to paint my nails red, I love short red nails so I got the nail cutters and picked the perfect shade of red  -'Bordeaux'. It instantly reminded me of a Summer a few years back when I had visited and I remember how much I fell in love with the French city. To be honest I pretty much have love all things French, but Bordeaux was different from other places I have visited in France. 


I loved the beautiful cobbled streets that we spent hours walking along leading to old historical  churches and amazing architecture. The weather was perfect so it felt as if you could walk for hours just taking it all in. 



I loved the contrast between the old and the new, the picture of the tram in the square is a prime example. For those of you who are unaware Bordeaux sits along the Southeast coast of France and is best known as the world's wine capital. I'm not a wine drinker but can see how this shade of red may have been inspired by that. 



Bordeaux is definitely a place I would recommend for a weekend break especially in the warmer Summer months. It's just so nice to be able to walk along the river with the sun shining and spend the afternoons picnicking in the gorgeous parks - it's so romantic. The food is fantastic in Bordeaux and I have to say I was actually really impressed with the shopping, obviously it's not as good as Paris but there's a Sephora and Zara so I was definitely satisfied! 




Ahh.. I'm totally reminiscing now, I want to go back! 

See you soon with another city.. 

Lots of Love 

(123) Introducing.. Inter'NAIL'tional - Bordeaux



1.Jubilee Eye 2. London at Night 3. MF x DJ 4. Ducks by Regents Pk 5. Evening stroll through Regents Pk 6. Pinkberry! 7. Cold Eskimo June Days 8.PPPassion 9.Shake your LAFFY TAFFY 10.Standard Shisha 11. Blah 12. LEGGOOO 13. My bro behind a cloud of SMOKE 14. BLING 15.Mouldy(NOT)Fruit 16. Illustration by STACEY 17. Sneaky SNOG 18. Slumming it - BE COOL ZARA 19. Waiting! 20. TinselTown 21.From Paris <3 22.In his shades 23. Fresh Coconut water on Brick Lane 24. Wasabi for lunch 25.Kitty's in Brick Lane 26. BL 27.He went that way 28.TuTu's in the air! 29. Beyond Retro 30. Fathers Day 31.Dessert 32. I love this VASE! 

It's been pretty hectic since I got back from Antwerp and from the pics it looks like a lot of food haha! On the real hope you have all had a good weekend I haven't done anything major other than spend time with loved ones. Today was Fathers day so we went out for a lovely meal. I LOVE my dad.. he is the most genuine, kindest, warm hearted supportive people I have ever met. I wish there were more people like him in this world. Hope you all had a great day lots of love to all the dads out there but also to the mothers who are playing both mum and guys are incredible! I'm winding down this busy weekend with a shisha whilst getting up a few posts for you all..I spent today in Brick Lane mooching around, enjoying the rare rays of sunshine it was a good day and a great weekend.

Hope everyone is well lots to come this week. 

Lots of Love my fellow fruits 

(122) Instagramming Part 16..

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