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Huge thanks to everyone who watched my first video.. I've been at it again! This one's the 'About Me' TAG.. already filmed a few more.. I'm on a roll! To be honest I think it's pretty hard to shut me up haha.. You sure you guys want more?

Lots of Love


P.S EWW at the screen shot! 

(086) About me TAG Video

Huge thanks to everyone who watched my first video.. I've been at it again! This one's the 'About Me' TAG.. already fi...


Eurydice might actually be my favourite colour for Spring, I say Spring and look outside and realise that it couldn't be further away right now. This gorgeous lipstick is one of the newer editions to the Human Fundamentalism collection. It's bold, it's matte and it's a fabulous fuchsia - quite frankly a bit of what I fancy. I thought I had found my favourite with Illamasqua's Corrupt but there's something a little more inciting about Eurydice - It's super sexy. 



I think I am the biggest Matte lipstick fan I find myself forever reaching for them! I also adore bold colours like this they make me feel so happy. Eurydice is definitely a new love of mine.. now all that's missing is a bit of sunshine! 


Euyridice is available now HERE.

Lots of Love 


(085) Lippie Lovin' Ft Illamasqua Eurydice


I received this amazing Models Own midnight blue glitter in 'Bluebelle' from a Motel Rocks goody bag I was instantly drawn to it, it's so mesmerising. Unfortunately it's quite sheer so I used YSL's 'Moonlight Blue' as the base. I only applied one coat of glitter and loved how it came out. 



I adore blue nails especially this shade, it's so intense and I love that. The sad thing about this nail combo was that within a day it had already chipped off - TRAGIC! I would have quite happily kept this on my nails for days. 


I think blue was definitely suiting my mood!

What have you guys been rocking? 

Lots of Love 


(084) Models Own - Bluebelle



With Summer just around the corner (Well so I keep telling myself) it's time for us all to pay a little more attention to our feet! I cringe at the site of bad feet, if you can't keep them looking pretty put them away. 

I love this trio it's the perfect combination for twinkling toes! Whether you're sporting sandals or just want to keep those feet soft and smooth this Liz Earle collection is one to get you sorted for Summer. 

Foot Scrub 
I love a great exfoliator and this one is fab for getting rid of all that dead, dry skin. I especially love using this to keep my soles soft and my heels smooth. I apply a small amount to my feet then use an exfoliating mitt to really work the product in to my feet, I then rinse away et VOILA - Super smooth! thanks to ingredients such as avocado, wheatgerm oils and vitamin E.
Available HERE.

Foot Repair Moisturiser 
This moisturiser works so well with the foot scrub it has the same natural active ingredients as the scrub i.e avocado, wheatgerm oils but also has shea butter which makes this foot cream really hydrating. I love that it's non greasy, leaves my feet feeling soft and of course smells amazing! 
Available HERE

Foot Spritzer
I love nothing more than spritzing my feet after a long day. I'm always on my feet and this just cools them down, keeps them fresh and smelling good. I ALWAYS have to have a foot spritzer when I am travelling it's an essential! 
Available HERE

Have any of you tried the Liz Earle foot care range? What are your favourites? 

Keep them feet pretty!
Lots of Love 


(083) LOVE your feet with Liz Earle

I said I'd never do it..

What can I say.. NEVER SAY NEVER..

Do you want more? Let me know.. haha 

Lots of Love


(082) What's in my Bag video?


I don't like blogging about the same products over and over again but you know if I do - it's a Winner! That is the case with OPI's 'Mod About You'. I have honestly been in love with this nail polish from the day I discovered it on Laura's then Lollipop26 blog. It is just the perfect, milky pink opaque shade and it's so pretty. It's one of those colours that I will gladly wear all year around. 


I applied two coats for an even application and then a top coat of Seche Vite. This is one of those nail polishes I have continuously repurchased over the years and whenever I wear it I always get compliment on it! 


I think this might be my favourite OPI nail polish actually, this may possibly be my ALL TIME favourite nail polish! Ditto. 


What is your favourite nail polish? What are you currently wearing? I cut all my nails off the other day and it feels so nice! Loving short nails right now. 

This baby is available HERE

Lots of Love


(081) OPI - Mod About You

Apologies for my absence I have been suffering from tonsillitis for the last five days and I've spent most of my time under a duvet feeling sorry for myself. All that aside before I fell ill I tweeted about re-ombre-ing my hair. I loved the lighter colour but kind of felt like it was too disconnected at the bottoms and it didn't feel like it blended in to the rest of my hair. So with that in my mind I stomped off to Sally's bought some more blue bleach and repeated the dip dying drama. For my first post on Ombre-ing my hair read it HERE

After bleaching it (a few times) the colour was so brassy and had too much red in it for my liking. I had to then buy another Ash blonde and applied this to the bottoms in an attempt to cancel out the red/orange tones. I prefer the colour now it's not as bright as it appears in the photos. I will eventually get to my desired caramel colour but I'm intending on giving my locks a little rest for a few weeks. 


So after all this bleaching I finally made it to my hairdressers! I never tell Claire what to do she's been cutting my hair since I was 14 so I pretty much trust her with my life. BUT then she managed to get everyone in the salon to convince me to cut my fringe back.. 


What can I say? I don't deal well with peer pressure and I like to keep everyone happy haha! And what can I say - it's hair, it grows!? - No big deal. To be honest I was inspired to Ombre my hair because of one of my best friends hair and her hair is pretty much what mine looks like now! 

Here's my HAIRSPIRATION.. No stranger to my blog my girl FLOW. 


So YES the bangs are back and Ready to rock and roll!


Token Instagram Pic are you following me? @MouldyFruit :)

My hair upkeep has definitely gone up a notch I'm really getting myself into a good hair routine. These are some of the products I have been using and loving lately. 


Burt's Bees Pomegranate and Soy Very Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner 


 This is a volumising shampoo and I tend not to use volumising shampoos as my hair is thick but I just love the smell of these two and the way in which it leaves my hair feeling full and super soft. One thing I love about this range is the fact that these products are sulfate free and around 90% natural (Less chemicals = Happier Hair). I haven't used the conditioner as much as the shampoo as I'm still using deep conditioning hair masks as a substitute to conditioner. 
Available HERE andHERE

Living Proof Restore Mask


In the last hair mask post I mentioned I was using 'It's a 10 Miracle mask' (Post HERE) but I am now alternating this with Living Proof's restore mask. The consistency of this is really thick almost butter like. I take a generous amount apply it more specifically to the ends and then clip my hair up for 5-10 minutes and then rinse out. This has really been helping to deep condition my hair and I was pretty happy when my hairdresser said she was surprised at how good the condition of my hair was considering the amount I bleached it. I have been religiously using these hair masks since bleaching my hair the first time about a month ago. 
Available online HERE.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Product


Another great product I discovered from the it's a 10 range. I never really use a heat protector or anything like that but now that I am taking full care of my hair I find this product so easy to use. A few spritz, then I comb it through and I either let my hair dry naturally or blast it with the hairdryer. The it's a 10 products all have 10 objectives.. 

1. Detangles 
2. Restores Moisture Balance 
3. Instantly Restores Elasticity 
4. Softens 
5. Smoothes 
6. Imparts Luminous Shine 
7. Enhances Natural Body 
8. Nourishes 
9. De Frizzes
10. Improves Colour Vibrancy 

Loving this right now and it doesn't feel heavy on the hair - result! This is great if you have dry/damaged and coloured hair. 

Available online at Sally's HERE

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops


This is currently my favourite serum, I apply this once I've dried and styled my hair. It just keeps my hair looking glossy and what I like is that this serum doesn't feel to heavy in my hair, nor does it leave me feeling like its greasy. I find that serums are great but I hate that feeling of them when they are too sticky this one is just perfect! 
Available online at Boots HERE

There you have it my lovelys.. a HUGE hair post! I will try to get some more posts up in the next few days. Hope you are all well..

Lots of Love 


(080) Back with a BANG!



Hello lovelys I hope everyone is well, today I wanted to share something pretty exciting with you all. A couple of weeks ago I tweeted about filming something in London I can now reveal that I was actually shooting a campaign for Nissan. I am one of 10 UK bloggers that is part of 'The Big Turn On'  challenge to try and get people involved and interested in switching to electric driving. 



Nissan have kindly given me the LEAF which is their new 100% electric car to drive for 2 weeks and I have to say I am loving driving it, it's such a smooth yet silent drive! You honestly can't hear anything. If you want a bit of a laugh you can check out my video on my full profile below and don't forget to click 'TURN ON' 


The blogger who has the most clicks actually gets to keep the car. Although I would love to win, I know realistically this won't happen as a few of the other bloggers are thousands ahead but nevertheless every little click helps!


If you want to tweet my personal hashtag is #NISSANLEAFCAR29 that also counts as a vote! 

Lots of Love 



(079) The Nissan Big Turn On Challenge



Hello fellow fruits hope everyone is well! On the weekend I was feeling particularly gloomy the weather has the worst effect on me, I didn't want to leave the house it was so horrible. So what did I decide to do? Hunt through my lipsticks find a bright one slap it on and lift my mood. I have to say it worked pretty well..well at least for that evening. 


MAC's Impassioned is a colour I have blogged about before but I honestly have so much love for it that clearly it needed another post. I adore the colour it's a bright, fun neon pink with a  slight coral undertone. This shade really gets me excited for Summer and the amplified finish is perfect. What I also love about this colour is how different it looks on everyone - it really is a unique lipstick one that I think everyone should at least try, if not own! 


Have any of you tried Impassioned? If not will you be adding this to your Spring/Summer make up list? Impassioned is available online HERE.


Lots of Love 


(078) Lippie Lovin' Ft MAC Impassioned


My skin has changed a lot since I last posted about skin care. It seems to be really dry at the moment so I have had to change from the SUPER moisturiser I was using. I have come to the conclusion that French skincare is amazing and by far my favourite. I actually LOVE my current skin care routine, if you don't have a dry skin type then this post is semi irrelevant nevertheless for all those out there that have a similar skin type to myself you might find it useful. I have found that these two products to work wonders. After weeks my skin finally feels re-hydrated and is looking much healthier all thanks to these two fabulous Frenchies! 

Nuxe Reve de Miel 


This cream feels so luxurious on my skin and it's just so creamy, I love how it instantly moisturises my face and the smell is gorgeous - almost honey like. The use of wild fruit oils like cranberry and ingredients such as mango butter keep the skin hydrated.  If you are dry/sensitive then this cream is perfect for you, well it is for me! I use this in the mornings and I actually bought mine in Paris but you can find it online HERE

L'occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream 


I have been using an even richer cream for the night and this is by L'occitane. I love L'occitane products, they just make you feel like you are treating your skin and body well. This is their ultra rich face cream which is almost like a balm It's really rich and  25% shea butter so very hydrating. I find it works best by warming up the product in your fingers before pressing it in to the skin. I wake up in the morning and my skin is super silky and still feels moisturised. 
L'occitane's Ultra Rich Face Cream is available online HERE.

If you like the sound of this but don't have a particularly dry skin type L'occitane do this in a lighter weight version available HERE

What are your current favourite skincare products

 Lots of Love 


(077) Current Skincare - Fabulous French Finds!

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