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Since Dip-dying my hair last week I have been using this miracle mask instead of a conditioner to really help keep my hair as moisturised as possible. It's a 10 miracle mask is specifically directed at those with colour treated hair, I saw it in Sally's when I was picking up my bleach and peroxide.

The mask is said to..


1. Detangles 
2. Restores Moisture Balance 
3. Instantly Restores Elasticity 
4. Softens 
5. Smoothes 
6. Imparts Luminous Shine 
7. Enhances Natural Body 
8. Nourishes 
9. De Frizzes
10. Improves Colour Vibrancy 

I have only been using this for a week but already think it's amazing. I have been applying a small amount of the mask on my hair starting from the ends finishing with less of the product at the roots. I tend to leave the mask on for around 5 minutes then rinse off. Bleach is so damaging to hair and this has already made a difference. My ends feel softer, smoother and shinier, it smells great too! 

I found the mask online HERE at Amazon, if you're near a Sally's you can check out more of the it's a 10 collection there. 

Lots of Love


(070) It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask

Since Dip-dying my hair last week I have been using this miracle mask instead of a conditioner to really help keep my hair as moist...

I go through phases with using a highlighter when applying my make up. I've been a little down lately and my skin has been looking so grey, so more recently I have been applying a highlighter to keep my skin looking dewy and healthy. Also it has been incredibly sunny in London, which makes me long for luminous, Summer skin! 

When it comes to highlighters I have pretty much used the same ones over the last year or so but lately I have found love for a new highlighter. Benefit's - Watt's Up! I was sent this a while back and if I'm honest it wasn't a product I rushed to try. I'm not the biggest Benefit fan but I have worn this highlighter daily for about 3 weeks now, I am also LOVING Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara - I briefly mentioned it in this post HERE. I have to say these two products could be converting me, they are becoming favourites! 


Over the last few weeks I have had people comment on my make up and how fresh my face looked and honestly the only difference was that I used this highlighter. It comes in this weird looking light bulb shape? applicator. Slightly gimmicky but the highlighter itself is gorgeous. 


Watt's Up! is a creme highlighter with a powder like finish, it reminds me a little of the NARS multiples. I have been sweeping this across my cheek bones, a tiny bit on the tip of my nose and above my cupid bow of my lips. I then blend it out with my fingers, it does have a sponge-esque blender but I found it more effective to use my fingers. The colour is champagne/pearl with a soft shimmer and minimal sparkle, great for that gorgeous GLOW!



I really think this has been one of make up saviours over the last few weeks! Have any of you tried this? What do you guys think of it? What are your favourite highlighters? 

Benefit - Watts UP! is £24.50 and available HERE

Lots of Love 


(069) Benefit - Watt's Up!

Hey lovelies.. I know I've been a little quite on the blogging front over the last few weeks. I had posted on my MouldyFruit Facebook that I was going through some personal problems and felt it was necessary to take some time out. I still don't feel 100% in myself but felt I wanted to write a few posts. 

Spring is definitely here in London the weather has been amazing lately, it honestly feels like the early days of Summer. On the weekend my friend Florence posted a pic of her newly Dip Dyed hair and I fell in love. I've been feeling quite 'blah' by everything lately and my hair has been one of those things that I really dislike at the moment. 

So I decided to Dip Dye/Ombre my hair. I know this look is totally over played but I had been toying with the idea of going lighter for a while now and this seemed like a good way to do so. I used to colour my hair all the time and it has quite literally been every colour under the sun! But for the last 3 years or so it has been jet black and although I loved my hair black I felt it was time to lighten up. 


Now I'm not going to lie, this process is very damaging to the hair, especially if your hair is like mine (dyed black) or very dark. I used a sachet of bleach Wella's Blondor bleach powder that I purchased from Sally's and mixed it with 30 Vol peroxide (As recommended by my hairdresser). 


This turned into a thick blue paste. 

I used gloves and applied this with my hands to the bottoms of my hair, I then went over it again applying more up to my shoulders. I then wrapped the bits with bleach in foil and left for around 30/40 minutes. 

I would recommend checking the colour because I could see mine beginning to lift. The chances are if your hair is dyed black like mine it will turn orange! 



At this point I began to panic.. I had bought a black hair dye in case of emergency and was almost tempted to use it.

Instead I tied my hair up and dashed back to Sally's, my hairdresser had worn me about it turning this colour and I was messaging her throughout the whole process. I had to then buy a toner and more peroxide. In order to cancel out the red tones I had to go for an Ash Blonde toner. I can't remember the exact one but it was a Wella 9/1. I left this on for another 30 minutes.. 


And finally after a whole day it was done.. At first I wasn't sure about it but now I have really grown to like it. I might do it again going higher up and aim to have more of my hair lighter by Summer. The colour isn't exactly what I had in mind it's definitely more of a reddish brown than a honey brown, but I'll eventually get there. 


My ends do feel really bad and I will be needing to have a trim within the next few weeks, I have also been using some new hair masks which have definitely been a help - blog post to follow. 

So there you have it.. My new lighter locks. What do you think?


NOTE: I am not a hairdresser and obviously everyones hair is different. I read loads of reviews on Dip Dying and watched various YouTube videos. Don't try this at home unless you're 100% confident. 


(068) Dip Dyed

















(067) C'est La Vie


I arrived in Paris this afternoon and whilst it's technically 1am here it's not yet midnight in the UK so hopefully I'll get this pic up before the clock strikes 12. I snapped this quickly in Chatelet before going for dessert at George at the top of the Pompidou centre. I LOVE Paris and the weather is wonderful it was 17 C at 10pm this evening! AMAZING. I am so sleepy now.. looking forward to a day in the sun in my favourite city!

Lots of Love, BISOUS 


(066) Photo Challenge Day 15 : 'Car'



We all have that product we can't live without! Mine is INGLOT'S gel liner, I have blogged about this on numerous occasions but I didn't realise how much I missed it until mine had dried up and I was forced to use my reserves. There is only one INGLOT store in the UK which is about an hour away from me right on the other side of London in Westfield White City. Now I could just order online but I have an INGLOT make up artist card which I like to make good use of. After putting it off for weeks I finally decided to go down and stock up on my favourite gel liner. 

Can I just say I have tried them all! Whether it be gel, liquid or pencil and nothing makes me as happy as INGLOT's gel liner. I wore it all last year and is by far the best I have found for me. My eyes have this weird tendency to water upwards and this is the only eyeliner that stays put. It's waterproof so stays on perfectly, it also glides on so effortlessly. These gel liners come in an array of colours and although I was tempted I was well behaved and decided not to make an impulse purchases. 77 is such a true black and so intense, if it's an eyeliner it has to be BLACK! What I also like about this eyeliner is that I can wear it on my waterline and it doesn't sting and again lasts all day. A lot of people ask what I use and this is it, I love using a kohl eyeliner on my waterline but they just don't last and they always end up halfway down my face. 

I have worn this eyeliner in all climates and it is just my favourite. I am so glad I have this back in my make up bag - You have been missed! 

What are your favourites? This is also such a great price at £10 it's available to buy HERE. If you like a gel liner and haven't tried this you have NO IDEA what you are MISSING! Check it out..

Lots of Love


(065) Holy Grail - INGLOT Gel Liner 77


'CLOUDS' In one of my favourite cities - PARIS! This was taken on Valentines day a few years ago. I just happened to capture a fly away balloon in the sky. I told you - I never put my camera down. I'm actually off to Paris tomorrow and looking forward to spending a few days in such a beautiful city. Paris to me is home from home! I hope I will get access to the internet to upload my photo's a day! 

Have a good weekend lots of love.. If you're in Paris and see me say hello :) !!


(064) Photo Challenge Day 14 : 'Clouds'


A sign?  HOLLYWOOD! This picture was taken when I was in the states traveling around last October.. I spent the weekend in Cali with friends and being up and close to the Hollywood sign was so surreal. The view from up the top was actually incredible..

One of the most amazing holidays ever!

Lots of Love


(063) Photo Challenge Day 13: 'A Sign'



Fork? What a random one.. but trust me to have one in the archives for you. Me and my girl Flo went and had cupcakes and cappuccinos in such a cosy cafe in Antwerp last time I visited her. Not only were the red velvet's divine the place was so quirky and I LOVED the cupcake forks I almost wanted to steal one! I didn't..  but how cute!? 


(062) Photo Challenge Day 12 : 'Fork'

Bye Bye Nikon D3000..

It was fun. We saw the world - Quite LITERALLY! 

photo copy

I have captured some of the most amazing moments of my life over the last few years with my Nikon but it was time to up my game. So therefore my newest purchase was totally justified. An investment, a new partner in crime.. It really is time to SHINE! 

Hello Canon 600D! 


I know every blogger and their mum has this camera but it really is such an amazing machine. I had the best time playing with Shirley's at LFW and I knew an upgrade was upon me. I also enjoyed filming whilst in Marrakech (For those who haven't seen my awfully filmed vlogs you can see them HERE) and I wanted to have the option to film. As much as I love blogging, I mean I will always be a BLOGGER it's still quite nice to film and talk at times rather than type.. So who knows what the future holds! 

I took these pictures on Saturday night which was the first time I'd had a chance to play with my new 600D, I already love it and can't wait to take it with me on life's adventures. 


Carrying on with all things NEW.. I decided to try a few NEW products! 


NARS 'Gaiety' blusher 


This was a gift from my friend Anushka, she knew how much I had fell in love with the campaign shot from NARS' current collection and so kindly got me the blusher.


Image from Google.. (How hot is she!? FACT: This model is NARS' first mixed race woman used in a campaign)

I haven't worn pink blusher in ages, I tend to stay with the peaches and corals as I think they suit my complexion the best. However 'Gaiety' was such a pleasant surprise, at first I didn't think it would work for me but it's just such a pretty, girly colour and I do love that pop of PINK! 

'Gaiety' available HERE

Elizabeth Arden 'Rose Illumination' 


This gorgeous rose gold highlighter is from the new 'Rose Aurora' Spring 2012 collection by Elizabeth Arden, I received this in a goody bag from LFWE. This highlighter gives the skin such a healthy warm glow without being overly shimmery.  I absolutely adore this highlighter and it worked really well with NARS 'Gaiety' blusher. All these soft pinks and golden tones are really getting me in the mood for summer! 

'Rose Illumination' available HERE

Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara 


This is another product I was sent a while back, but I'm being strict with myself! I have to finish one mascara before using a new one. I've only been using this for a few days so I'm still not sure about what I think of it. I found this mascara to be more defining and lengthening as opposed to volumising. I think the comb like brush really separates the lashes and allows you to get maximum lift. I was really impressed with how long my lashes were after two coats but as my lashes are naturally long I tend to prefer a mascara that gives my lashes more volume nevertheless I will keep you posted. 


They're Real avaialble HERE


MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC44 
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW35 
MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Powder 

NARS 'Casino' 

NARS 'Gaiety' 

Elizabeth Arden 'Rose Illumination' 

MAC 'Tempting' e/s on the lid 
MAC 'Concrete' e/s in the crease 
MAC 'Carbon' e/s in the crease 
MAC 'Passionate' e/s above the crease gently buffed in 
MAC Bootblack Liquid Liner 
Benefit They're Real Mascara

MAC 'Soar' Lipliner
MAC 'Faux' Lipstick 

That felt like such a long post, but I haven't done a long one in a while. How are you all? What new products have you been trying? Any recommendations? 

Lots of Love 


(061) New New New - 600th Post and 600D!

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