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(208) Gold Gifts from Hayches


I'm a girl all about gold! I love gold everything, especially accessories and if you are a regular reader of my blog then you will already know that. I was contacted by a company called Hayches, that specialise in traditionally British accessories and when they asked me to select an iPhone pouch I knew it had to be the 'Victoria' design. it's a gorgeous distressed metallic gold leather sleeve with velvet lining and I think it's perfect. I've really gone off phone cases lately but this pouch is perfect for keeping my phone safe and snug in my bag. 



I also was sent one of their gold coated English penny coin rings and I love how quintessentially British this ring is. I adore jewellery and of course statement rings, this one has such a cool vintage feel to it. They also have the Penny design in earrings which I now have my eyes on! Hayches have got  some really cool jewellery and lovely leather accessories on their website, they also currently have 15% off for Christmas - discount code HH2512 so check them out HERE

Love a bit of gold, gets me feeling even more festive!

Lots of Love


  1. I haven't been into phone cases lately either. I just don't like the bulk they add when I'm holding it. The slip holder case you got is beautiful. I could use something like that to keep my phone from getting scratched in my purse.


  2. Love the coin rings. Very unique!

  3. Love the coin ring - I may have to check them out to buy a couple myself! I could also use an iphone pouch rather than the case I use at the moment - it doesn't protect it enough! Will definitely be checking out this company.

    Christina x

  4. Love the ring! Haven't seen anything like that before.
    S xx

  5. omg that Iphone pouch is gorgeous! I'm slowly becoming a fan of gold accesories and those you recieved are jusr perfect.


  6. that ring is so cool ! love it ! love your blog btw wold love if you took a look for one second at my blog just getting started and would love some support thanks to you and few other bloggers iv decided just to got for it ! thanks PEACE AND LOVE xoxoxox


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