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(207) Let's Talk Make Up!

Hello! Remember me? Sorry..I know I suck! BUT so much has been happening I have had no time to myself  to sit down and blog. Today I've got a nice, old school Mouldy make up, chit chat post for you - It has been forever since I've done one of these.. so here we go! I haven't bought make up in ages but last week I needed to pick up a few things one of those being a total ESSENTIAL - EYELINER! I had been using MAC's liquidlast liner since the Summer but as it run out I went on the hunt for a new one. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know my favourite black eyeliner is Inglot's gel liner but with no Inglot here in Paris I thought I would give MAC's Blacktrack fluidline a go again. 


It has been years since I've used Blacktrack and whilst I do like the consistency of it (it glides like a dream) I somehow don't find it as intensely black or long lasting as the Inglot gel liner. Oh wells for now I will continue using it and hope that within time it will grow on me! 


I also had to B2M my containers and usually I choose Modesty lipstick because let's face it - It's my everyday shade and it's the one lipstick I actually go through so quickly! This time I decided to pick something different, I say different but in reality the colour and the finish differs EVER so slightly from Modesty. God at times I can be such a creature of habit, I went to MAC and literally every shade I swatched were variations of the same colour - how lame! This time 'Spirit' lipstick was the chosen one! 


I do love this colour, In comparison I  find Spirit is slightly browner than Modesty and has a little less pink to it. I also find that as the finish is a satin, it feels a lot creamier on my lips and makes my lips appear fuller. It's a very easy colour to wear, let's face it you can never have too many nude lipsticks. Move over Modesty you may have some stiff competition, Spirit is definitely my new winter nude. 



I then stopped off at Sephora and fell in love with this eyeshadow (86) it's just such a gorgeous colour perfect for a winter smokey eye. The colour is hard to describe because although it looks grey, it has such a beautiful mauve undertone with lots of sparkle. I wore it buffed in the outer corners of my eyes on Sunday night. 


The consistency of the Sephora own brand eyeshadows are perfect, the colours are so pigmented and they blend so beautifully. I love the intensity of this colour, there are so many ways you could wear it. I don't usually buy eyeshadows but I really felt like I had nothing in my collection that was similar to this. 



Sorry for the lack of 'Mouldy Me' pictures, I looked moody in absolutely every one of them. Also let's not front my bags are horrendous! I can't wait to go home and snuggle up by the fire, get into the Christmas spirit and get some RnR. 


MAC Studio Sculpt NC44
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW35
Laura Mercier 'Universal Powder'

NARS 'Casino' 

MAC 'Gingerly' 

Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow 'Ice Gold'

MAC 'Satin Taupe' e/s on the lid 
MAC 'Sketch' e/s outer corners 
Sephora e/s '86' in the crease 
MAC Blacktrack fluidline eyeliner 
NARS Volumizing Mascara

MAC 'Spirit' lipstick 

Hope you guys are well, talk soon. 


  1. oooh love the lipstick. I have been eyeing up modesty as well because of you but not sure how it will suit my skin tone as I am very pale. x

  2. Love your eyebrows! And the whole look, You look Stunning! :)

  3. I aswell love the lipstick. And fully agree that I too am on the search for the perfect nudey pink lipstick that suits my skintone!

  4. That lipstick is beyond me! :)

  5. gorgeous :)


  6. You should Smile more because you are GORGEOUS! I love that Spirit lipstick! I have to get it!

  7. You should smile more because you are GORGEOUS! I love that Spirit lipstivck! I have to get it!

  8. I do find this one needs a couple of top ups throughout the day to keep looking awesome, but it's worth it because the color and consistency is so good. . All about Me.This lipstick is probably my all time.You can find more about baby creams

  9. Love the blactrack and spirit!Like you, I'm addicted to Inglot liner in 77, till it dries like a desert and I diggerd this gem few months ago in my old stash and was so surprised to see how fluffy and smooth it is still, and wowzahhh!!! Are you working here in Paris Zara?Y not have a meet up for your parisian followers?:)

  10. hi z! who is this lovely necklace by? its a beauty.

  11. hi z! who is that lovely necklace by? its a beauty.

  12. really like that lipstick colour, so natural and pretty

  13. So in love with this look! You look soo pretty! Slightly jel of your eyes hehe! Big fan of your blog, check mine out whenever you can :) x

  14. Great post! I'm an up and coming MUA and model. I recently started my own blog I'd love for you to check it out. I'm doing a giveaway worth US $85 at the moment as a special little Christmas treat for my followers, head on over to my blog to find out how to be in the draw :) it's super easy! Much love - Cait xx

  15. beautiful!

    have you ever tried Macs CHILI?
    i just discovered it and im IN LOVE


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