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(205) Instagramming Part 23.. Paris, Birthday, Friends & Fun


1.Eve of my birthday 2. Pre Birthday dinner at Favela Chic 3.Louvre at dusk on my bday 4.Burgundy bday 5. Yummy 6. Yes I went to see Twilight on my bday! 7.MY bday cake equivalent at Deux Magots St Germain 8. Shu Uemura balloons! 9. Noisette and Kanye! 10. Christmas lights in Le Marias 11. YEssirr 12. Concorde 13.Bday girls 14. Midnight stroll to the Sacre Coeur 15. Standard Shisha! 16. Invalides, Magical! 17. Champs Elysees Christmas Market 18. Russian Dolls 19.Paris EYE 20. Red Nails 21. Get up 22. KL LPVN Exhibition 23. Place Vendome 24.Opera 25.Christmas! 26.Mug 27.Dinner at Flams 28.Haagen Dazs 29.Shisha and Polaroids 30.New Video 31. Noisette 32.Glow party 33. My boys 34. Fam 35. Chicken at 7 am! 36.Winter Wear! 

Hello hunnies! How is everyone, cold? I'm freezing! I actually hate this time of the year BRR! The last few weeks have felt super festive with everything here in Paris, from my birthday celebrations to the Christmas markets and lights - I love it! My girl came down for my birthday which was so nice to have her here we got in to the usual fun and frolics. Then this weekend my boys from uni came to Paris, honestly these guys are like family. We all used to live together and now everyones in different parts of the world doing different things so to be together again after 3 years was just so surreal, but honestly amazing. I have so much love for people that walk in to your life and then you don't see for ages but when you do it's as if you've never been apart. As much as I enjoy blogging for everyone to read a huge part of it is for myself and these Instagram posts especially allow me to look over great times and wonderful memories. Life is so beautiful in photos and when I'm having a bad day looking over pictures from the past whether is be last week or last year - it makes me smile. I feel truly grateful for all the things I've experienced over the years. 

How are you all? Feeling festive.. 

Lots of Love

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