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(204) Gold Flash Galaxy


So with December finally upon us and the festive feeling in the air I decided it would be the right time to finally don the glitter nails. When I started painting my nails I opted for a subtle metallic gold, 'Gold Flash' to be precise by American Apparel - I usually love this colour but I somehow this time it left me feeling underwhelmed. Me, being lazy me instead of taking it off and trying another colour, I decided I  would add to it and what other way than with a bit of glitter. This happened to be another American Apparel nail polish in 'Galaxy', which in my opinion is an overflow of bold, big and bright hexagonal pieces of glitter, again another favourite which always leaves me feeling mesmerised!



Ok, so I admit this may not be to everyones taste (I actually don't think it's to mine!) but why not!? for a bit of festive fun. I have to say these nails have really got me in the mood for Christmas, I love everything (except the weather) about this time of the year, especially the lights. It's just so magical!


I love American Apparel nail polishes they are definitely amongst my favourite, the colours, the consistencies and the brushes! I always find they last ages on the nails. 

Check them out HERE

Lots of Festive Love


  1. Yay for festive nails! I need to finally pick up Galaxy next time I'm near a store, I've been wanting it for ages and this isn't helping!

  2. Ooooo I love the sequins and the colours!
    I'm a bit of a glittery nail girl so this is perfect for me :)

  3. Galaxy kind of reminds me of Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday ... but not really lol.

  4. oh my god that looks amazing! i really want to try it someday :)


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