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(200) Instagramming Part 22.. Paris-London-Paris


1. One of my favourite streets in Le Marais 2. St Paul 3. Autumn in Place des Voges 4. Home SWEET Home - London 5. Coffee&Cake&Shopping 6. HomeFace 7. Rainbow cake on my PARIS plate 8. Halloween 9. Shisha on the Go with Tali 10. Halloween date 11. Gizmo 12.Green London EYE 13. Electronic Shishaaaa 14. MMM Itsu 15.Suzi 16. Bodyshop Xmas press event 17. Hot Choc 18. Black and Gold 19. Mon Shu Girl 20. Florida 21. Christmas in London 22. Bincho and Bubble T with Jase 23. Killer Contouring with Jase 24. Oui Oui 25. Rearranged my books 26. Back to Paris 27. Comfort Food 28. In bed with Chuck Bass

Hello my beauties, I haven't done an Instagram post in ages! These are pictures from Paris-London-Paris. It's been a weird few weeks, I have been so tired and a little down if I'm honest. I was so excited to go home and see my family and friends, it was lovely to be home made me realise how much I missed it part of me is considering moving back at the end of the year. Don't get me wrong I love Paris but it's not home, I feel like I'm on a long, extended holiday here.

I also realised being back in London how little effort some friends of mine make with me, do you ever feel like you put in all the effort to make plans? to go out of your way to see people? but it's never quite reciprocated. It's my birthday tomorrow and part of me always gets a bit cynical around this time of the year, but something I've realised is that this forthcoming year I'm going to stop with all the false pretences. I am the kind of person who tries to see the best in everyone and as a result of that I always end up hurt. As hard as it is I'm trying not to prioritise the people that choose to be around solely when it suits them. 

This wasn't meant to turn into a negative rant but more to try and see the flip side and I'm sure if I'm feeling this way then someone out there is too. At the end of the day reason, season, lifetime..Not everyone who comes along in our lives' are meant to be there forever. 

On a more positive note I am getting ready to celebrate my birthday with friends in Paris tonight, think it's going to be a good week and my girl comes from London on the weekend! I need as much distraction to turning 25 as possible, especially as this time last year I was sat on South Beach, Miami! *cries* 

Hope you guys are all well.. 
Lots of Love


  1. The photos are great, although I saw majority on Instagram already :P
    Have an amazing birthday and may all your dreams come true.

  2. Happy Birthday Zara :) Be happy girl! Hope you have a wonderful Bday.



  3. Happy birthday :)
    Love the photos! Xx

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, I hope you have a magical time! I've been through what your feeling, I guess everyone does at some point so don't feel alone! We gotcha girl! xxx

  5. I used to hang on to the friends that never made an effort for a long time, as they were old childhood friends that I felt attached to..However eventually I just used to keep getting heartbroken when I realised that they never really cared & made an effort back. Last year I basically cut off ties with most of them and we're at an acquaintance stage..sounds sad but it's actually refreshing to me because I know who my real friends are now :)
    Sorry for the essay!
    Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! x

  6. Great pictures.
    Love the oui bracelet!!

    XO Arezu

  7. What you said about choosing friends more carefully is so true. I've come to realise that some friends just aren't worth the effort... unless and until they show the same kind of care and concern for you! Friends come and go and only the closest ones will stick around forever xxx

  8. Happy Birthday girl!!! Been there with friends. Decided at the start of this year to just cut out people who have been in my life for years but only from my efforts at keeping the friendships going. It's better to have a few goods friends than many superficial ones! Hope you have a great Bday! xx

  9. Happy Birthday :) I think you are at that pivotal point in your life where you realize not all of your friendships will last forever. You're growing up and believe me it is better to have a smaller circle of friends than spending time hunting people down.. Count your blessings and embrace those who embrace you back :)

  10. Happy Birthday! I've found that as I get older I realise who my true friends are... And I've learned to value my family more because no one can replace them x

  11. Happy Birthday! So true, just stand back and see who makes an effort with you, you will soon learn who your real friends are, I was the same. xxx


  12. Great pictures & happy belated birthday!!! Everything you have said is so true and sometimes you have to find out the hard way but the true friends will always be there through thick and thin! xx

  13. Hope you had a good birthday! If you don't mind me asking where did you get your Eshish from? I'm after some! x

  14. totally cute :)

  15. happy bday!!! your photos are so lovely love the edit :D


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