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(199) October Favourites Video


Hey guys, hope you are all well! I'm back in Paris and it's FREEZING! I posted my October favourites when I got to London but didn't have time to post it here. I forgot my SD card reader in London so I currently have no way of uploading anything UGH how annoying! I will hopefully buy one in the next few days so I'm hoping my absence isn't too long. Sorry for the whack lighting and chopping video also, I assure you it wasn't like that when I had edited on iMovie I have no idea what happened #epicfail! 

Nevertheless hope you are all keeping well, Speak soon 
Lots of Love 


  1. You remind me so much of Nicole Scherzinger here :) Royal Assets was my favourite MAC holiday collection. Not been too excited about what they've released since.

  2. haha I play that piano app all the time lol! your pretty :)


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