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(198) Seche Vite Top Coat



I can't remember how long ago I first posted about Seche Vite top coat but since moving to Paris and not being able to readily locate it, I realised how much I valued it. Seche Vite has to be the quickest drying and glossiest top coat I've ever used. I think this was the first thing I purchased when I got back to London last week - that much of a must have! 

I really don't think any nail polish can look as good as it does when it has a layer of Seche on top. In the past so many people complimented me on my nails and couldn't believe it when I told them that they're weren't gel. 

Ok let's not front, Seche can be a bitch I've experienced the peelage with certain nail polishes which is so annoying and it gets so thick and gloppy quite easily. 


However, with that aside it really is a wonderful product. I think the thing that has me hooked is how quickly drying it is. I am probably the most impatient person at waiting for my nails to dry I always end up smudging or chipping them (why do you think you only see one hand on my nail posts!) Seche seals the nail polish in and within about 2 minutes I can carry on doing whatever I was. I usually paint my nails just before bed AND that's another thing NO BED NAILS - result! 

What I'm trying to say is that not being able to have Seche Vite for the last few months has made me realised how much of a beauty essential is to me - so much so it needed a special blog post dedicated to its greatness (NO, I'm not exaggerating!) 

Are you a Seche Vite fan? Or not? 
I never used to bother with top coats before Seche now it's a must! 

Seche Vite is available HERE 

Lots of Love 


  1. Unrivalled in terms of shine, but I find it shrinks quite a lot? For me Nails Inc caviar top coat is just as quick and doesn't cause annoying shrinkage, but, not as shiny x

  2. I had it applied recently when I had my nails done and the technician was going on about how great it was then told me I shouldn't leave for another 20 minutes while my nails dry, so I was confused!
    Still I have heard so many great things so I do want to buy it and try it for myself.

  3. Ahhhh! I love Seche Vite! Knowing that your nails will dry really quick, makes you want to switch up your nails more often! Lovee!!

  4. I LOVE seche vite and I couldnt live without it now. I run out a few weeks back, and painting my nails was a nightmare! It does have its bad points, but its definately HG for me :)

  5. I did my feet at home one day and that's when I really noticed how great it was. It looked like I had a prof pedi. I'll never be without it.

  6. It does work brilliantly, but the carcinogenic warnings were enough to stop me using it instantly!

  7. I love Seche Vite top coat so much that I stockpile the stuff when it goes on sale at Sally's! I also hate it when it gets too thick but I broke down and bought the SV thinner for it. I also use the SV base coat and have less problems with polish peeling.

  8. I have a love hate relationship with it too, mainly Hate. I love that it dries my nails fast but it peels off my polish like a mofo the same damn day I paint my nails but I still continue to use it lol

  9. For me, SECHE VITE is a big NO NO. Mainly because of how it can AFFECT YOUR HEALTH and your baby (if ur pregnant). My health comes before my beauty, and the warning on the package is very clear, so no matter how great it is I'll stay away from it...

    (and it doesnt even dry that fast + i've tried other amazinggggg top coats so im not loosing out so much after all)

  10. Seche Vite is my favorite! It seals together all the layers of polish and dries really quickly. The only annoying thing is that it does get a bit thick after a while though, so I usually replace it before I get to finish the bottle

  11. Hands down to that nail polish. I tried it when I was in the U.K. my cousin bought for her, and I was so stupid not to buy one for myself at the time. I have gave up looking for a cheaper and good option, SECHE VITE IS THE BOMB!
    There is nothing like it (I think haha).


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