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(192) Burberry Lip Velvet #310 Military Red



I used to think YSL lipsticks were the slickest thing a woman could whip out of her make up bag, all that changed when Burberry came along. Can we just focus on the packaging for a second? So sexy, sleek and so sophisticated. I love the matte black finish to the packaging and how can we forget the magnetic lid - #totesamaze


Military Red is divine, I genuinely believe a woman can never have enough red lipstick and this is the greatest addition to my collection. How beautiful is the embossed Burberry print on the lipstick, it's almost too pretty to use (Thank god for my trustee lip brush!) 


The texture is smooth, moisturising and the finish is out of this world. I've been wearing lip stains so much that I forgot how different a lipstick can feel and look on the lips. It's long lasting and this shade of red is perfect, not too deep, not too dark - Just Right! 


I adore this shade and it makes the ultimate companion for the colder days, nothing can lift your mood like a red lipstick. 

Loving Military Red (310) at the moment, I featured it in my last YouTube video and have been wearing it since. Check it out HERE

Lots of Love


  1. Red is such a daring colour for me! I rarely wear lipsticks and when I do I'll naturally pick a nudey pink colour. But I really want to branch out with my lipsticks and this really does look amazing..!


  2. This looks great on you! You should do a top red lipsticks post, I'd love to see that as I've just lost my fear of red lips and need some recommendations! Haha xx

  3. The packaging IS amazing. Love the shade, such a wearable "dark". xx

  4. Ooh this does look amazing, does it have a silky finish?

  5. I just can't get over how perfect the packaging is :)

  6. Great color, looks beautiful.

    XO arezu

  7. It's definitely your color. Reminds me of Russian Red by MAC.

    * | My Life In Black+White

  8. I need this in my life! What a stunning shade and Burberry never disappoints with the stylish packaging. Definitely a handbag lipstick ;-}

    Kelli xx

  9. This looks gorgeous - such a fan of Burberry make up, but there's not a counter in Glasgow (yet!) for me to get to play with new products all that often :(

  10. so pretty. I thought it would be rather bright like coral but it's a beautiful colour on you xx

  11. your eye brows kill me <3 love them!


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