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(186) Diptyque - Figuier



Autumn is definitely here the last week in Paris has been wet and miserable. I'm usually out in the evenings with my friends in this gorgeous city but tonight I've traded that to snuggle under my duvet and catch up on my TV shows. I have one of my all time favourite candles burning Diptyque - Figuier the scent to me is Autumn, It's fresh and reminds me of the outdoors and the rain. There's something really warm and mysterious about Figuier. My friend Florence bought this for me on her recent visit to Paris as a housewarming gift, it came at such a great time as my last one had just finished. I love Diptyque - the candles, the fragrances and the room sprays. I have to admit the store in Saint-Paul, Le Marais is one of my favourite places it smells divine. There's something about being in Paris and burning a Diptyque candle that makes me feel so Parisian. 

Check out some of their gorgeous candles HERE

Lots of Love 


  1. I should really take the time to go look at one of these candles! They look so nice :-)

  2. I love scented candles and am considering taking the plunge and getting a diptyque one. Haha plus, they're pretty, aren't they? xx

  3. Nice blog! I'm your new Follower! I hope you can visit my blog sometimes.. Thank's! :) Kisses from VV!!

  4. The shop is so lovely,I always visit when in Paris..Amber & Patchouli are lovely warm musky scents..perfect for winter!


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