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(181) Instgramming Part 21.. Paris, PFW, Friends & Food!



1. Rue de Rivoli 2.Grey day at the Louvre 3. Sun setting on Concorde 4.Opera! 5. Noisette at La Duree with Jase 6. Amorino at Tuileries 7. Great night at Wanderlust at Gare Austerlitz 8. Lovers at the Louvre 9. Tour Eiffel 10.Opera at night 11.Bye Bye brown hair! 12. Perfect pup! 13. AWOL 14.My darling Michael from NYC 15. House warming gift from Flow 16. Rainy days! 17. At le Louvre with my love! 18.Best macaroons ever!!! 19. Back to Black 20. Planet Sushi 21.Diva Days 22.Blue Skies 23.Favela Chic! 24.Short one! 25.Pink Pout 26.Metro Madness 27. Sun setting over beautiful Paris 28.My girls @ Sacre Coeur 29. Mad Skills 30.Blackkk 31.ARC 32.Avant Milliardiare 33.Sunny days 34. Flow saying her goodbyes :( 35.Araisara show 36. At Araisara PFW 

Apologies for being missing in action, it's been CRRAAAY here in PARIS. I've had such a great few weeks and had loads of friends in town for PFW. Was so good to see people especially my darling Michael who's the most amazing make up artist who came from NYC for PFW was fab catching up. I then had my girl Flow here for a week and we went HAM we had such a great week partying and hanging out. Paris really is perfect, the fashion week vibe was great and I concluded a week of madness with the Araisara show on Wednesday (More on that lately). Hope you are all well I have lots of posts written just need to get my act together and get the posts up. I have more friends here from London this weekend and my bro arrives on Monday - Can't wait! 

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Speak soon BISOUS 


  1. im going to live out in France for a year when I have my uni year abroad, probably Paris so I love these posts! how are you finding the language side of things? x

  2. Love your instagram pics. aaaaaah paris! <3

    fellow londoner, pls follow:

  3. love your pics; they capture the beauty of Paris x


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