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(179) Topshop Nails - Awol



I was going through my nail polish collection that I have here with me in Paris and I really didn't know what colour to paint my nails - don't you just hate it when that happens!? I then stumbled across this beautiful blue by Topshop. 'Awol' is such a gorgeous bright blue and I love how it looks against my skin tone. Blues like this remind me of the Summer and the sea, so in an attempt to hold on to Summer for as long as possible I knew I had to wear it.


What I love about Topshop nail polishes, is the consistency it is honestly so spot on. I could have easily applied one coat and left it but me being me, I went on to apply a second even though it wasn't really necessary. The brush is also the perfect size which makes painting your nails a dream. I really don't know why I don't own more of the Topshop nail polishes (Probably because I own too many nail polishes DITTO).


Awol is definitely coming with me in the transition to AW12! Check out more from Topshop nails HERE. For £5 you can't really go wrong! 

What colours have you been loving lately? 

Lots of Love 


  1. Wow! I shall have to check out this colour, its so lovely! xx

  2. I love this colour! Topshop nail varnishes are my favourites :)

    Sarah x

  3. that colour looks great with your skin tone x

  4. This really is gorgeous on you! Definitely caught my eye! x

  5. Very nice, i'm a sucker for blues & turquoise colour polishes

  6. Topshop nail varnishes are so amazing, celestial which is slightly lighter awol and its definitely one of my favourites!


  7. i think i might have to get a topshop nailvarnish soon! lovely colour. mhh lately i've been loving a dark purplish glitter nailvarnish from catrice called purpelized which is very nice :) xx

  8. This nail polish is beautiful! I'm so glad I came across your blog, and you have youtube YAAAY

    Check out my blog please?



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