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(175) Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick



When I was in Dubai and met up with the gorgeous Mona Kattan of course we got talking cosmetics and I was in awe of her perfectly rosed stained lips. We got talking about our favourite lip stains of course I was bigging up the Sephora cream lip stain and it was then she suggested I try Revlon's  Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in the two above shades. 


'Top Tomato' is the one I have been wearing lately, the colour is amazing it's a great, vibrant red with the perfect amount of orange to it. These lip stains apply similarly to the Sephora ones they go on to the lips almost like a gloss and within seconds set to the perfect matte finish. I must warn you though, you have to work quickly as the dry fast. I have to say though I do find these are a little more drying then the Sephora ones but with lip colour that stays put for hours - how can I complain?

I can't wait for it to get colder and darker, so that I can wear the burgundy in the shade 'Brilliant Bordeaux' I can see this being a favourite for AW12. It's such a gorgeous, rich colour and let's face it I love to rock my inner VAMP! 

Have any of you tried these lip stains? For those of you who live in the UK and like the sound of the Sephora ones that I always rave about the Revlon Colorstay are a great alternative. 

Check out the fab shades HERE

(Apologies for the ugly mugshot of yours truly I'm hating everything on me.. I blame the haircut, it has killed my confidence UGHHH) 

Lots of Love 


  1. Great shades!

    Will definitely check them out!

  2. Glad you posted this! Was just about to buy the Sephora one. Happy you reviewed a cheaper alternative :)

    P.S. your hair looks fab and you look gorgeous! xx

  3. I've been looking for a lip product similar to the Sephora one for ages. I was annoyed I never bought more when I was in Paris but I will check the Revlon ones out, thanks! xx

  4. They look amazing! I'm about to begin my make-up collection!

  5. They look amazing! I love when it's A/W because you can wear these shades , I'm going to check out the Revlon ones on my next beauty shop :) xx

  6. Exciting review, these look great.

    Ria x

  7. On a daily basis I use a lipstick brand Yves Rocher. But after your review I will try Revlon brand products.

  8. I actually bought Brilliant Bordeaux a few days ago and unfortunately like a lot of other reviews, it just dried out on my lips and became flaky! I also noticed that the color doesn't go on evenly, so when i look in the mirror a few hours later it looks super patchy, and me being very fair skinned it looked really gross! I really really love the color though and I am so glad that it suits you, but its waaaaay to dry even with lip balm on top! Im gonna keep trying to use it for the next few days and see if it changes ;)


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