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(171) Holland and Barrett Aloe Vera Gel


A lot of people have been messaging me lately about skin care, I feel that mine is changing again. For years I have been using a multi purpose product that I incorporate in to my skin care regime and that is Aloe Vera. My skin can at times be quite problematic and when I was growing up suffering from Acne I used to use Aloe Vera it in it's most natural form, from the leaves of the plant. I since stopped using it in that form (My nan didn't agree with me trimming the leaves of her plant!) and switched up to soothing Aloe Vera Gel. The one that I always use is from Holland and Barrett and it is there own brand Aloe Vera Gel. It's so affordable and is the perfect product to calm skin irritation and generally nourish the skin . A lot of skin care brands use Aloe Vera as an ingredient in skin care and beauty but I find the gel is the purest way to feel the full benefits to the skin. I sometimes use it on it's own and apply it on my face and body. Additionally there are times where I use prior to applying my moisturisers. What I love most is that, even though this product is a gel it absorbs so well into the skin without leaving a sticky, greasy residue. 

Holland and Barrett do a great range of Aloe Vera products, so even if the gel is something that doesn't appeal to you there are other ways of incorporating it in to your regime/diet. I know my girl Tali loves her Aloe Vera juice. 

Check it out HERE. 

Do any of you guys use Aloe Vera? I highly recommend it. 

(Apologies for the lack of photographs, since moving to Paris I had to de-cant my gel. I have to pick up another tube when I'm back in London for sure!)

Lots of Love 


  1. We have 3 aloe vera plants as the Mr uses the sap (is that the right word?) for his extremely sensitive skin but it dries flaky and just looks weird!

    1. You mean Aloe Vera didn't work well.Well you can use Aloe Vera skincare products. They really work well. I myself have used them.

  2. Hmm...Sounds promising. I have oily, acne-prone skin and struggle to find a moisturizer that wont irritate my skin.

  3. Great piece of writing about the health, I really liked the way you highlighted some really important and significant points. Thanks so much, I appreciate your work.



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