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(170) Illamasqua - Generation Q


It seems like ages ago when I attended the Illamasqua Generation Q event, I mentioned it briefly in this post HERE. I wanted to wait and fill you guys in when I had products of this collection to hand. If I'm entirely honest with you this collection had me feeling so emotional and so connected to Illamasqua more than previously before. The reason being is that I love everything that Generation Q stands for, it's about embracing ageless beauty. From the moment I got to the event I could tell that Illamasqua were trying to send out the clear message that everybody should celebrate beauty, regardless of age, gender sex, colour it's something we all have the potential to feel and express. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Evelyn and I couldn't have pictured a better face for the campaign. She oozed sophistication, someone who fully embraced her beauty and this was so evident from the graceful way she carried herself. Evelyn was approached to enter the public search to find the face of Illamasqua's Generation Q campaign and ended up winning. 


David Horne said some really great things about the collection which I thought really summed up what Generation Q is about. 

Seeing Imperfection as perfection and also not paying attention to the miseducation from counter culture. I thought this was such a valid point, just because someone on a counter advises you against something, who's to say that it can't work for you. The most common one is that once you are older you should stray away from shimmer eyeshadows because they don't work, why? I am a firm believer in that if you like something then wear it, regardless of what people may say or think. There may be times where it doesn't work but if you are confident in what you wear (this applies to everything from make up to fashion) then that confidence is true beauty. 


Before I left London I was sent some of the collection and I love it, not just because of the fantastic colour palette but more of what Generation Q stands for. Its been a hectic few weeks what, with my move to Paris that I haven't had much time to play with the products. As the Generation Q launch is just hours away I wanted to show you some of the beautiful products that Illamasqua have in store for you this AW12. I will of course get swatches up as soon as possible but for now I'll let the pictures do the talking. 



Creator Nail Polish - An amazing black nail polish with silver glitter, to me this is so galactic. It's like the sky at night with the stars out. Can not wait to rock this, this AW12. 


Boost Intense Lipgloss - Is such a great colour, it's a strong fuchsia with purple undertones, described as a 'Blueberry Violet'. 


Allure Powder Blush - To me this colour is incredible, it's a mix of rose and terracotta with a shimmer finish - Can not wait to use this.


Empower Palette - The perfect name for this collection! 
This palette consists of 
Slick : A liquid gunmetal liquid metal
Blink : A gorgeous caramel colour eyeshadow perfect for contouring
Fervent : An amazing brown/khaki/red pressed pure pigment with a shimmer finish.
Synth : A soft pink with a light silver glitter, this colour looks amazing layered! 



Wisdom Precision Ink liner - I love the finish of this eyeliner, I have actually had this since the press event and have worn it on it's own for an alternative to black. I have also worn this to compliment my signature black liner. I absolutely love it, the colour is so AW12 it's almost a khaki gold, with a soft shimmer to it that catches the light so beautifully. 

Illamasqua Generation Q launches tomorrow, I can't urge you to check out the collection and the beautiful imagery from the campaign HERE

Lots of Love

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  1. Oh wow!! Despite the amazing reviews I still don't have any of their products yet, really want to check out the liquid liner and blusher. Pls do post a review if you get these


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