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(169) Instagramming Part 20.. Paris - My new home!


1.First Meal 2. Chatelet 3. Shisha @ La Parisienne 4. Place des Voges 5. Rue St Honore 6. Summer breeze at Le Louvre 7. Pyramides 8. Tour Eiffel and the full moon! 9. Amorino Addiction 10. Shisha again! 11. Falafel 12. Flickering 13. Paris September Issue 14. Hugest Nicoise Salad EVER! 15.Art at Sacre Coeur 16. This guy is amazing! 17. MF 18. T's in town! 19. Perfect Saturday 20. Paris 21. Planet Sushi 22. Le Tiger 23. George 24. On the house! 25. Weeezy 26. Hotel de Ville 27. Noisette 28. Back to Black 29. Biking around 30. Ted 31. Sunset 32. All love!

Hey guys, feels like ages since I've posted but it's been a crazy week here in Paris. I am honestly having the time of my life my girl decided to book a last minute trip and came for the weekend which was quite literally the icing on the cake. We have had so much fun, the weather has been incredible and we have spent most of our time eating in great places, drinking too much coffee, smoking shisha, partying and simply watching the world (well.. Paris) go by. I feel so blessed to be in this gorgeous city it honestly feels like home already. On Sunday night a group of us went out and I have to say it was pretty much one of the best nights of my life. We started off at a low-key bar, then went for sushi, we then head to Le George in Chatelet which has the most amazing view of Paris. We sat outside, the evenings have been so pleasant here in Paris had drinks and dessert, then headed to a hip hop bar in Bastille. From there we went to Milliardaire in Porte Maillot - WOW, the music was so on point we got back in at 7am! I have to say this has left me a little out of it for the last few days but nevertheless it's been so much fun. I have actually posted a lot more pics on Instagram but I had to narrow it down. 

I hope you guys are all well, I assure you once my friends give me a chance (Hahah love you guys) I will be sure to get on with regular posting. 

Hope you are all well.. 



  1. OOHHH funny today I was re-seeing my pictures from Paris last year. But the weather was so funky it looked like London.

  2. Brb moving to Paris! Ahh so jealous, please post more pics xo.

  3. Rien se compare a Paris xx Love all the pics, currently living vicariously through you !

    bisous des States :) - Linds

  4. Hi, Zara. How come that you moved to Paris?

  5. Looks amazing!!! Wow Zara, you lucky girl, can't wait to see updates x x

  6. Beautiful photos, Paris is such a stunning city, full of charm and character. Where did you smoke shisha? I tried to find a decent place to smoke when I went and couldn't find anywhere!

  7. I lived and worked in Paris for a year as part of my degree and had the actual time of my life. Enjoy the city, there's so much to see and do, the whole experience will literally change your life. Cx

  8. What was the name of the hiphop bar you when to in Paris. I love Paris, haven't been in last two. Hoping to go for week next March/April.

  9. What was the name of the Hiphop bar you went to in Paris. Love Love Paris,


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