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(168) Lisa Shepherd London - Cut & Colour


Getting my hair did!

Last week before I left London I was invited down to Lisa Shepherd London for a cut and colour. My hair had got really light from being in the sun (See picture in previous post) and the colour was quite patchy due to my hair initially being dyed black. I wanted to keep the lighter ombre and all over brown colour for a little longer so we ended up going just a few shades darker on top without touching the bottom. It's quite hard to tell in photographs but it's definitely warmer and a lot more even.

Due to my hair being in quite bad conditioner as a result of the bleach etc I had to have quite a bit cut off. To be honest, I don't really like the cut and I've been finding it so hard to style. I'm just hoping it's one of those haircuts that looks better when it's slightly grown out. It feels so short *cries*! 


(NOTE: This picture was taken in the sun here in Paris today, the colour appears a lot brighter because of that) 

Lisa Shepherd was an experience, it was buzzing and the space is very cool. There's a great chill out area where you can help yourself to tea, coffee and browse the internet while you wait for your colour to set. If I'm honest I don't think I would revisit Lisa Shepherd London, it was one of those experiences where I didn't leave the salon feeling great about my hair - It was just OK. This may have been down to myself and not explaining what I wanted well enough. Nevertheless the staff were great and I was also given some amazing hair products to try, which I will of course be featuring soon on the blog.

I will try and post some more pics once I get the hang of styling it again! 

Check out the Lisa Shepherd Salons HERE

Lots of Love 


  1. You look perfect don't worry, I personally love the color and the cut, it's really flattering on you ;). XX

  2. I love your blog and your pictures!...M*

  3. Had a similar experience there as well :( But it was rectified by them later which was good!

  4. Where did you get your jacket from? And your hair looks great :) x


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