(163) Fashionable Food at Hakkasan, Dubai


This time last week I had the pleasure of dining at Hakkasan in Dubai which is situated in the Emirates Towers. Hakkasan is one of my favourite restaurants in London and I knew I had to pay the Dubai one a visit, it's quite an exclusive chain with only 8 restaurants in the world.


Dining at Hakkasan is a great experience and I love the whole ambience of the place; from the chilled out music, to the amazing decor and of course the incredible food. I really enjoy Chinese/Asian cuisine our food was divine and cooked to perfection. We had a selection of starters, mains, a dessert between two and of course fabulous mocktails. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole dining experience and I have to say the service was superb. (Check out my Dessert, It was an Apple Pie - Doesn't it look to die for - it was!) 







When I'm on holiday I really enjoy finding great places to eat as I  very rarely get the chance to make the same effort in London. It's therefore nice to appreciate good food, great company and in such fabulous surroundings. 


Hakkasan is definitely a wonderful place to eat; whether it be for a romantic dinner for two or out an evening out with the girls - the atmosphere is amazing and I can't recommend it enough. 

Check out Hakkasan Dubai HERE

Fashionable food indeed! 

Lots of Love 


  1. I am loving all your Dubai posts! Especially when I am sat hoping the rain here will stop! x

  2. You should try Loca for the best guacamole I've ever tasted. Or try Caramel for these amazing sliders and lobster tacos. I'm supposed to be going out on thursday, I can't wait! xx

  3. I've been to the Hakkasan over here a few times and it's seriously my favourite restuarant - I can't get enough of the place - The food is amazing!

  4. Dubai looks amazing from all your pictures and posts. I cant wait to visit in the future! Lovely blog, so glad to have found it. xx Beauty Doc
    PS: Is that cashew nut chicken I see? YUM!

  5. The London one is seriously good too!.. Have you tried it?

  6. The London one is seriously good!.. Have you been?


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