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(162) Instagramming Part 19.. Dubai

Last of the packing for Dubai  my suitcase has a random red wheel! Even my suitcase has red bottoms!!uploadSky highDessertLast night in Dubai Last night by the pool!Right here, Right now! Jumeirah beach! Burj KhalifauploadDon't mind if I do!Today..#nofilteruploaduploaduploaduploaduploadSuploadYuploadCSuploaduploaduploadBuploaduploaduploaduploadCuploaduploaduploadupload

1.Packed! 2.Business Class 3. Sky High 4. That's the kind of plane food I'm talkin bout'! 5. Lights! 6. Midnight Poolside 7. JBR 8. Jumeirah Beach 9. Burj Khalifa 10. On the hotel terrace 11. New Read 12. LOVE the marina! 13. Atlantis The Palm 14. Pretty 15. Sign of a good night 16. Lemon and Mint Juice + Shisha = PERFECT! 17. Blogging in the lobby 18. Shopping! 19. @ Bloomsbury's 20. YUM 21. New in! 22. Cappuccino 23. Sunset on JBR with Laura 24. Laughs with Laura 25. Dollhouse Dubai 26 Love @ Dollhouse 27. Shisha with my habibi Zubaida 28. Ritz Carlton 29. ShuiQi Spa 30. Dinner at Hakkasan 31. By the beach 32. Camels! 33. Sunset 34. Towel! LOL 35. Galeries Lafayette 36. Rose/Yellow gold

Hello my loves, hope you are all well. Just wanted to wish everybody who's celebrating Eid today a Happy Eid. I am back in London now and feeling pretty unwell, I've come down with a terrible cold and all my sinuses are blocked and I feel pretty rough - ugh! Nevertheless I thought I'd post an Instagram round up, I like looking at pictures collectively. I had a magical time in Dubai, it really was such a great break, I didn't want to come back. I now only have a week to go till I move till Paris, I know this week is going to be madness and I don't quite think I'm ready for it. Oh well.. bring it on I say.. 

How are you all? 
Lots of Love 


  1. All your Dubai-posts were fantastic, I enjoyed reading them so much, such nice places you've been and seen! I loved your outfits and the bits you sometimes show on here! Can you do outfit-posts?!

    On more Q How much were those Galleries Lafayette bracelets (instagram 36)?

    Please get back to me, get well soon and take it easy, love and HUGS! S.

  2. I also have a question about those Galleries Lafayette bracelets as I saw them on Friday and thought: a) Mouldyfruit! and b) I want one ....but what does it actually say? Is it a prayer?

    Anyway, was so lovely to meet you and glad you had a fab holiday. Good luck with Paris preparations!

  3. I love reading about your travels. It makes me insanely jealous yet its wildly inspirational at the same time! You also take beautiful photographs which just makes everything look so luxurious!

    Glad you had a good time and good luck with your move!

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  4. happy eid!!!!!!! hope you get well hun xxxxxxxx


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