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(160) Underwater at Atlantis The Palm



On Monday I had one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. I was invited down to Atlantis The Palm in Dubai for a day of amazing activities. This is going to be a two part post as I have taken so many photographs and each part of my day was different. If you have been following my blog for last few years then you may remember that the last time I was in Dubai I actually stayed at Atlantis The Palm. It was the most magical experience, in regards to hotels and resorts it doesn't get much better than The Atlantis. 


For those who don't know The Atlantis is situated on The Palm Jumeirah a man made island that escapes the hustle and bustle of Dubai. The Atlantis is so secluded but the hotel is never quiet, due to the variety of visitors coming from all ends of the world and it creates such a great cosmopolitan atmosphere. 

When I last stayed at the Atlantis we had an executive suite, which to me was by far as good as it could possibly get. This time I was clearly proven wrong! I had a meeting in one of the 'Super Suites', 'Poseidon' to be precise an underwater suite. 



I was absolutely mesmerised by the beauty of this suite and I was quite literally lost for words. It was the most incredible and far from average meeting I have ever had. We sat on the chairs at the end of the bed which looked straight into The Lost Chambers a pool of over 65,000 marine animals. I sat stunned watching the fishes go by and for a moment I lost all thought and forgot where I was. The atmosphere was so serene, so peaceful and so breath taking. It was such an intimate setting away from the crowds of people that usually surround the Lost Chambers. 



The bathroom was insane a huge tub, technically underwater with a glass wall being the only separation from all the beautiful sea creatures. 



We spent almost an hour in the suite and I didn't want to leave. I could have easily sat there for the rest of the day admiring the view. If I had stayed in a suite like this I don't think I would have left that room. I mean with a view like that - Why would you? 

I was informed that when celebrities come to the Atlantis various press interviews take place in this suite. I definitely know why, the setting was astounding. 

The suite is set out over three floors, with a personal elevator, shisha lounge (YES PLEASE) and of course a lavish living area. It was so romantic and the 'Poseidon Suite' would make the perfect destination for any couple on their honeymoon. Who says love is in the air? I think it's underwater! 





Just looking back at these pictures, I can't help but smile to myself.

Check out Atlantis The Palm's Super Suites HERE.

Part two coming soon.. 

Lots of Love


  1. OH. MY. WORD!!! That's allll I was saying while going through this post!! How lucky are you to experience all this! Amazing amazing!!xx

  2. Oh wow it looks so beautiful! Lovely that you got to go and experience something so amazing :D

  3. Wow its amazing i would love to go there one day, its beautiful! x

  4. That looks AMAZING! I want to stay there!


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