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(159) Institut Esthederm Sun Care & A Dubai Sunset



The ultimate sun care for me has to be Institut Estherderm. This sun care differs from most others as it doesn't work with SPF filters instead it works with your skins melanin. It gives your skin the maximum protection against the sun, preventing skin damage whilst also allowing you to develop a tan. This is the three stars (***) which is suitable for extreme sun and has been ideal for the 40 C plus temperatures of both Seville and Dubai. I was using the 'Adaptasun' body cream but had run out when I got round to taking this picture (oops). 

I have also been using the 'Bronz Repair Anti-Wrinkle' face cream which again allows you to tan by building up the skins tolerance to the sun. Sun is the main cause of ageing so this anti wrinkle face cream is an essential when I am on holiday and in extreme sun. 

The texture of both the 'Adaptasun' and the 'Bronz Repair' are lightweight despite being Esthederm's highest protection the consistency is not heavy on the skin. Therefore absorbing really well into the skin without leaving a thick layer like most other high SPFs. With both Esthederm's face and body creams it is recommended to apply 20 minutes prior to sun exposure and then reapply every two hours. 

I have been using the Institut Esthederm products for a few years now and I must say I always come back from holiday with no sun burn and a great tan. To help prolong my tan I have been regularly using the 'Prolongateur de Bronzage' body lotion. This has helped keep my skin hydrated and healthy with that holiday glow. 

The two products pictured above are part of a small Estherderm travel set. 
Check them out individually below 

  • Adaptasun Body Lotion - HERE
  • Bronz Repair Face Cream - HERE
  • Prolongateur De Bronzage - HERE

Thought I'd leave you with a few pictures. Goofing around on JBR with Laura (Buy Now, Blog Later) just before the sunset.. So pretty!  




Dubai, You take my breath away!

Lots of Love


  1. two of my fave bloggers together :)

  2. Great post! Been looking for something with that little bit extra..bored with my usual Lancaster sun protection so may give this a go..As long as I don't wrinkle & I get my killer tan,I'm a happy bunny lol!
    Looks like Dubai was much fun :-))

  3. Where can we find Esthederm products in the UAE? Thanks.

  4. Hi, where can we find Esthederm products in the UAE? Thanks!


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