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(158) The Dollhouse Dubai & The Ritz Carlton


Sunday evening I headed down to The Dollhouse Dubai for an evening of pampering with my girl Zubaida, for those of you who don't know she writes an incredible blog ButterHotShoes check it out HERE. Dollhouse is situated in the Dubai's ladies club in Jumeirah Road. The spa is co owned by the gorgeous Mona Kattan. The spa itself is every girls - incredibly glamorous and the ultimate destination in Dubai for head to toe pampering.  




The decor was  insane and I was totally mesmerised from the moment I walked in. It was so lovely to meet Mona, she's such a doll - incredibly stunning and so humble considering all her achievements. The Dollhouse is just one of the businesses Mona has under her belt. Some of you beauty readers may also know Mona's sister Huda who writes one of the most reputable beauty blogs in Dubai.



Me and Zubaida had a manicure a pedicure and I have to say the service was amazing. I had one woman doing my feet, another doing my hands and one giving me a shoulder massage. It was by far the most enjoyable part of my day, just sitting back and relaxing while someone else did my nails for once. I have never had as much time and care spent on a manicure and pedicure as I had in the Dollhouse, in London salons it seems they can't rush you out quick enough!


For a nail polish lover like myself the selection of brands, colours and finishes of nail polishes at the Dollhouse was seriously impressive. I opted for a coral Essie nail polish, as it compliments my current tan. 



The Dollhouse Dubai offers an extensive list of treatments and is a place I can't wait to re visit.

Just want to thank Mona for having me and making the evening so enjoyable. 

After getting utterly pampered me and Zubaida headed down to the Ritz Carlton for dinner and shisha. It was such a gorgeous atmosphere we sat outside in a courtyard and it was lovely because there was a breeze and zero humidity (Don't ask how!). It really is a lovely place to unwind in the evenings, the shisha was great and the company even better. 







I tried to take pictures of my make up and what I wore before I left but failed so I snapped an Instagram shot of what I wore. 


Monki Shirt, Topshop Jamie Jeans, Chrisitian Louboutin No Prive, Vintage necklace, H&M Ankle cuffs, YSL Arty ring, Guess Collection Watch & Alexander Wang Rocco bag. 

Had a fabulous evening much love to my girl ButterHotShoes check her out, the wonderful Mona and all the dolls at The Dollhouse Dubai. 

Lots of Love 


  1. The Dollhouse both looks and sounds wonderful! I'm always frustrated when I get a rushed salon experience, and am incredibly loyal to the few salons that actually take the time to ensure that my hair/nails/skin looks good.

  2. That spa looks divine! Love what you wore too, very classy! Loving these Dubai posts Zara! Keep 'em coming xxx

  3. Look at all those varnishes.. omg!

  4. Love your pictures, the place looks amazing! And I need those cuffs in my life!

  5. The Dollhouse looks like fun. Lovin your outfit!

  6. Replies
    1. LOVE YOU TOO GORGEOUS!!! <3 xxx

  7. You look gorgeous! I love Ritz Carlton hotels, we always stay at the Ritz when we travel to Egypt. Sharm is such a beautiful place and the Ritz is just out of this world. Id love to stay at the Dubai one xxx

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