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(156) Beach, Bloomsbury's & Views of the Burj Al Arab


I haven't had a chance to post as much as I had been here in Dubai, the last few days have been busy but so incredible. I really have had the most magical time here I don't want to come back home! Part of me wishes I was moving here instead of Paris - haha! Never say Never! 



Saturday I had such a relaxed day on the beach, the weather is beautiful by the sea. Ok I admit the humidity is a killer but when you're sitting on the beach there is the warmest Summer breeze - It's amazing. It's extremely hard to take pictures here in Dubai as the humidity and my lens just don't get on. 



In the evening we headed to the Mall of the Emirates for dinner and to shop around. I must admit I prefer The Dubai Mall, so after a few hours of mooching around we headed back there. We ended up having tea and cake in this gorgeous cafe 'Bloomsbury', it's inspired by the British Bea's of Bloomsbury. The atmosphere was so realxed, the decor was gorgeous and don't get me started on the cupcakes! 





I had a pot of English Breakfast tea and it came with a sand timer, which allows your tea to brew for just the right amount of time. I have to say this was the best cup of tea I have had in a long time! We ordered a traditional Red Velvet cupcake and a Strawberries and Cream cupcake. What I loved most about the cupcakes was how light they were, usually with cupcakes I eat half of a cupcake before the frosting becomes too sickly. Instead the frosting here isn't icing but more of a light cream, they were absolutely delicious. This cafe is the perfect place to stop for tea break whilst shopping. It's situated on the Lower Ground of The Dubai Mall just opposite Bloomingdales. 




After an evening of malls we decided not to stop the shopping there and headed to Souk Madinat. This is situated on Jumeirah Road and has beautiful views overlooking the Burj Al Arab. It's a great way to end an evening in Dubai. It's an indoor souk with a variety of shops and stalls selling traditional items, antiques, clothing and other amazing finds. There are also quite a lot of restaurants and bars in this area. Definetley somewhere worth checking out if you are ever in Dubai. 


Lots of Love 


  1. Those cupcakes sound to die for! Most cupcake toppings are too sickly for me...sigh one day I shall to go to Dubai! Love the sand sign off! x

  2. wow it looks absolutely beautiful! And those cupcakes look mouth watering!

    beckys makeup

  3. Love love love your pictures!

  4. what hotels would you suggest for dubai? we usaully stay at the one and only royal mirage resort, but are looking for somewhere more central to the malls resturants etc

  5. i hope u enjoyed the dancing fountain at madinath souk.... loved dat place :)

  6. The cakes look truly scrumptious! :)

  7. Wow, I was just there last weekend as well. Loving your blog.


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