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(155) Iftar at The Atlantis, Dubai



Coming to Dubai during Ramadan can be quite limiting and a few of my friends told me there would be little to do here but I have to disagree and reassure you that it's not quite like that. I am so far having the best time and feel the atmosphere here in Dubai really is, wonderful. The evenings are amazing, people are out socialising till the early hours of the morning and it really makes you embrace the culture regardless of Religion. Look online at what to wear for these special evenings


One of the best things to do during Ramadan in Dubai is take advantage of some of the great Iftar evenings at some of the most beautiful hotels and wonderful restaurants this city has to offer. Last night we decided to head to the Levantine restaurant  situated in the The Atlantis hotel on the palm. Last time I was in Dubai I actually stayed there and although it was an incredible experience, I kind of prefer where I am staying at the moment (Dubai Marina/Jumeirah Beach). The Atlantis is a must see if you are in Dubai, the lavish interiors and the intricate architecture really are breath taking. 


The Iftar we had at the restaurant Levantine was fit for a king, it compromised of many courses of Traditional Lebanese cuisine. To break fast we were given dates, fruits and  a selection of small dishes served with fresh bread. This was then followed by an amazing cream of chicken soup and Lebanese pastries amongst other delights. Main course was the most amazing lamb I have ever tasted (I am not much of a meat eater) but it was cooked to perfection, it was served with saffron seasoned rice and cashew nuts. We then were brought around mixed girl by this time I was too full to breathe, so I resisted. Dessert was a platter of fresh fruit and Lebanese sweet pastries, it was divine. I have to say Lebanese food definitely has to be one of my favourites.




I thoroughly enjoyed the dining experience and would recommend it to anyone, Muslim or not! It was just a great atmosphere of people coming together and appreciating good food. If you are ever in Dubai around Ramadan I would definitely suggest checking out places that have an Iftar menu, it really is something to experience. 


Check out Levantine's dining HERE.

To those of you celebrating Ramadan, hope it is going well for you! 

Lots of Love 


  1. Oh my goodness! Dubai is beyond beautiful! Great photos, Zara.

  2. This looks absolutely gorgeous, I so want to go to Dubai, it looks amazing.

  3. I love Dubai! I have stayed at this hotel too and it is a stunning hotel. Hope you are having a nice time!

    Princess Juicy T ♥

  4. Wow! This looks absolutely amazing & the food sounds delish!
    Lovely post :)

  5. WOW it looks so lovely, I can only wish that one day I will make it to Dubai... Everything looks amazing omg!!

  6. Love the photos, it looks amazing there! And what a great time to be out there and enjoy the culture.

  7. I love the pictures Zara! I had the opportunity to go to Dubai a few years ago and passed it up. Now, after your post, I'm regretting it.

  8. Going to Dubai for Christmas this year! Your posts are getting me all excited. Dubai looks beautiful!!

  9. Gorgeous photos! I've always wanted to go to Dubai :) looks amazing! Very jealous


  10. wow dubai is magnificient are you a muslim?


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