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(150) Duty Free to Dubai


Hello my loves, I hope you are all well. I am sat here poolside, smoking a shisha and sipping a lemon and mint juice. I am currently in Dubai and even though it's now midnight the temperature is still an incredible 40 C. Today feels like it's been a long day, but a good one. Yesterday I got upgraded to business class on the plane so to say my flight over here was a breeze is an understatement. I literally reclined my chair fully till I was lying down like I was on a bed and fell asleep to wake in the clouds. It was such a amazing flight with great service, food and even afternoon tea and scones - totes amaze! 


I only picked up two things in Duty Free, to be honest I am kind of saving myself for my return journey home - Dubai airport is amazing! 

One of the things I picked up was this hydrating body lotion from Victoria Secret's body collection. I usually pick up a body mist when I go to the states but this time I opted for the 'Secret Craving' body lotion. The texture is so lightweight and the scent lasts ages on the skin. I applied this in the morning before leaving the airport at around 7 am UK time and by 3PM UK time it was still fragrant on my skin. I love the sweetness of the Victoria Secrets body collection they are so girly and definitely fun to wear on holidays. Secret Craving is blackcurrant and vanilla absolute, it's a really unique scent, I kind of wish I'd got the mist too! 


I was also in utter amazement when I tracked passed bt MAC and actually tracked down their Liquidlast eyeliner in Point Black. I have been under the impression for the longest time ever that this liquid liner had been discontinued, so I was thrilled to get hold of it. This is by far the best liquid liner I have ever used. It is such an extreme black, it's so waterproof which is fabulous for me and my watery eyes and it's so long lasting. It can be quite hard to remove so using an oil based eye make up remover is the only thing that really does the trick. Nevertheless I would go to those lengths for this baby, I was honestly so happy when I spotted this! I had used it for years throughout my uni days. 

My View, from my balcony

Hope you guys are all well, I will be updating as much as I can while I'm out here as I have a few exciting things I will be up to, my camera isn't coping too well with the humidity which is so annoying but check out my Instagram I'm updating on there - @Mouldyfruit.

JBR - Marina Walk.. love it here.. 

lots of love 


  1. I love Dubai Airport too, I was happy enough staying there when I went lol. Hope you are having a great time there, I would do anything to go back! x

  2. Now I want that liner! Great review!

  3. It sounds like you're living the life! Keep us posted :)

  4. That eyeliner is brilliant, I swear by it! Especially when it's hot! Enjoy your trip!

  5. Good Lord the view from your balcony is ah-mazing!

  6. Me and my mum are going on holiday to Dubai. I would be very happy if you could write some experience you made in Dubai and which places you recommend. Thank you so much!

  7. I'd love to go to Dubai. It doesn't look real, the buildings look like cardboard cutouts!

    Sarah xx


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