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(149) Scents of Summer


Today's post is in collaboration with House of Fraser and is on my scents of Summer. I had so much fun creating these collages and it really got me thinking about what fragrances I like to use when I'm in different situations and different seasons.

I think finding the right scent for the season is important, I always have fragrances that fit well with the different times of the year and these are some of my Summer picks. 

I tend to have three main types fragrances that I am drawn towards. 

Garden Girl 
These fragrances are floral, flirty and fun. I am a huge fan of these scents for the day time as I find they are light on the skin, fresh and they remind me of being in the wonderful outdoors.
My picks : Marc Jacobs Daisy, Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y, Gucci Flora in Gracious Tuberose. 

Life's a Beach! 
My favourite fragrances are always those that remind me of holidays and wonderful memories. When I'm away and especially when I am by the beach I love fragrances that capture all those moments. These are often fresh, fruity and invigorating fragrances which make me feel like a total beach babe! 
My picks : Estee Lauder Bronze Godess Capri LE, Bobbi Brown Shimmering Fragrance Oil, Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial. 

Scent in the City 
These fragrances to me, can only be described as 'Glamourous', scents that make you feel like a million dollars. Elegant, sexy and scream sophistication - even the packaging agrees! These remind me of London, New York, Paris, Milan - A fashionistas fragrance for sure! 
My Picks : Elie Saab, Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavalli. 

Check out these fragrances and more HERE

Lots of Love


  1. I'd never thought of it like this but I actually do the same in summer ... great post!

    Laura X

  2. Ohh I really want Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess! Love the post Zara x

  3. Great post and I love perfumes that remind me of holiday xo


  4. Hi, I'm your new follower! Your blog is very pretty:)

    I'm very interested in british / european / american beauty items as I'm living in Tokyo. Hope we can share information about our cultures! <3


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