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(148) Lippie Lovin' Ft Tarte Amused



When I was in Paris my gorgeous friend Chloe aka The Hollywood Heels surprised me with some amazing products from Tarte. This natural lip stain pencil in 'Amused' is probably one of my most loved product at the moment, I just can't get enough of it. The texture is sheer, the finish is glossy and it the colour is a gorgeous shade of pink. I am really in to minimal fuss make up at the moment and this lip product is effortless to wear. 


Since coming back from Seville and being slightly more tanned, I'm finding that I don't like the way in which my standard, daily lipsticks look on me. Colours like MAC's 'Modesty' (my holy grail) are just a little too nude, so I have been mixing it with this lip stain and it balances my lipsticks out perfectly. These lip stains are super moisturising and are apparently proven to increase lips' moisture by 6000% I'm not sure about that, but they are definitely keeping my lips hydrated. Sorry that the picture above is slightly out of focus but i'm sure you guys get the picture. If you want to see what this lip colour looks like mixed you can check it out HERE and HERE, when I wore it with MAC's 'Cut a Caper'. 

This hasn't left my make up bag this month and it's definitely one that will be sticking around. I am looking forward to going to Sephora in Dubai to see if the stock any of the Tarte products because I am loving them.

Check out Amused HERE

What has been your most loved lip product this month?

Lots of Love


  1. That is such a gorgeous colour!

    Unfortunately when I was at Sephora in Dubai Mall they said they didn't carry Tarte but that was a while back so maybe that's changed. I vaguely remember someone saying its not sold in outlets outside of the US?

  2. My favourite lip product has got to be a toss up between NARS matte lip pencil in "damned" and MAC Ruby Woo which will forever be my love <3 great blog Zara! x bonne chance pour ta nouvelle vie en France :-)

  3. This is really nice actually, I want to try this :-)

  4. I saw you wearing it in your july Faves video & I have fallen in love with colour!
    Would love to get my hands on it ;) lol
    Looked gorge on you :)


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