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(147) New In : Topshop - Hidden Wedge Hi-Tops



When Isabel Marant inspired the high top, hidden wedge trainer trend, I wasn't one of those people who rushed out to buy a pair. I mean being 5'2 high tops tend to cut my ankles off and end up making me look shorter than I am. However the other day I was in Topshop and I decided to try on a pair and was pleasantly surprised. For someone like myself who lives in Vans and Converse on a day to day basis these sneakers are casual, comfortable and most importantly the extra height from the hidden wedge makes me feel more ladylike! - is that weird? Nevertheless, what a god send! I opted for the black pair as they go with everything and let's face it most of my clothes are black. At first I thought this trend was going to last a split second, but I have already seen a lot of designers are continuing with chic sneakers for AW12. 

These sneakers are really affordable at £48 and available HERE

I just wrote a post about this trend on the Westfield blog, you can check that out HERE

What do you guys think of these trainers? Would you wear them? These really remind me of the trainers that people used to wear in old school Aerobics videos haha! 
Lots of Love


  1. Ooh, I am really tempted to get a pair now. I have been debating it for a while, as I've seen so many nice ones around. I'm only 5ft 1, so I could certainly do with the extra height - I basically never wear flats as I feel that they make me look stumpy, whereas I seem much more in proportion in heels, but I'll admit that I am always looking longingly at pumps and high tops and wishing I could wear them! These might be the answer, as they are the best of both worlds!
    Mel x

  2. they look so chic in black, i love them! and its great theyre £48 everyone can have some designer inspired footwear! xxx

  3. I bought a white pair from River Island and absolutely love them. Great if you still want a little height while looking casual... think i need a black pair too though!

  4. I really like these! Might have to go and try a pair on!

  5. These sound pretty cool; I'm not a fan of wedged high tops, I think they look a little weird but these look great! Very casual and under stated-right up my street! I also live in my converse but I'm scared these will make me look too tall! (: x

  6. I love these and definitely need to give them a go they are very chic x


  7. Aah I have been lusting over such high tops recently. Have been eyeing a glossy black one in H&M but these look great too! I think it's high time I invest in a pair.

  8. Primark are also doing some high tops with a hidden heel they are a trend that I didn't think would catch on but really has!
    I love your blog & your videos keep doing what you're doing:)

  9. I've just bought a couple of pairs from Matalan (£18) - one cream pair with gold studs and one black pair with dark-silver studs. They look pretty good and I think they'll be comfy but need to learn how to style them... Help pls!


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