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(144) Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner



Eyeliner is one of my make up essentials it's one of those products I can't live without. I mean I do occasionally try a softer line and sometimes even go without it, but by the end of the day I have usually pulled out my liquid line and gone in for my signature flick. For more than a year I have sworn by Inglot's gel liner, if you are a frequent reader of my blog you will probably already know this as I rave about it all the time. Lately, however I have been finding that it just doesn't work on my eyelid, it cracks and goes flakey which to me is an eyeliner no no! 

So about three weeks ago I was in Superdrug and in desperate need of a replacement I picked up Maybelline's Master Precise Liquid Liner. I really wanted to use a pen liquid liner as I find them so easy to use and the best for creating perfect lines, however one's I 've previously used have always dried up so quickly that it's put me off.  I wasn't very optimistic when buying this eyeliner but I have to say I'm very impressed. 


I love the nib of the pen it's so fine that I can choose to apply my eyeliner as thin or as thick as I'd like. This eyeliner also stays put throughout the day which is something that is so important to me. Although it's not waterproof, I have to say even with my watery eyes it hasn't ended up half way down my face - which can only be a good thing!


I am really enjoying using this eyeliner at the moment and even though its not as black as ones I have previously used, It's still intense. I'm happy to say it hasn't shown any signs of drying up, which from my experience with pen liners is great after almost a month! 

This eyeliner is super affordable at £5.99. Available HERE.


I have just recorded my July favourites video and I have to say the last month I have really been enjoying make up again. I think because I'm tanned it changes things for me and has me reaching for different products, which makes it all fun again! 


MAC Studio Sculpt NC45 
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer 5 
MAC Prep and Prime Translucsent Powder 
MAC Fix + 

MAC Sunpower MSF 

MAC Melba 

MAC Tan Pigment 

MAC Paint Pot in 'Quite Natural'
MAC Mulch e/s all over the lid 
MAC Tan Pigment in the inner corner 
MAC Beauty Marked in the crease
Maybelline Master Precise Liner 
Benefit They're Real Mascara

MAC Cut a Caper lipstick 
Tarte Amused Lip Stain 

What make up have you been loving lately? Have any of you tried this mascara? Stay tuned for my July favourites video. Hope you are all well.. 

Lots of Love


  1. These are some rather beautiful photos. I'm a total liquid liner convert. I had always found the pens too dry as well. Then I discovered the Loreal super liner and fell in love! Its a lovely bendy felt applicator, with a tube of eyeliner so it doesn't dry out! Definitely worth checking out.

    Makeup for Biochemists


  2. I have this!!! & its awesome! just recently purchased "The Curve" from NYX and it works a little better!! you should try it out!!

    Now following!

  3. I love using a pen liquid eye liner, it's so easy and quick. I use the collection 2000 one, as soon as it's finished though I would definitely consider giving this one a go.

  4. Pretty! Love the necklace too :)

  5. I swear by the black eyeliner look, they give me the appearance of thicker lashes! I've been using it everyday for years, starting out with the Rimmel one and moving onto Chanel. Have you tried that one, it's brilliant? Love the way you do your winged eye look, puts mine o shame lol x

  6. I like the necklace !

  7. I bought this the other day and I must admit I really like it, considering I use a gel eyeliner everyday for years now.

  8. Awesome blog!! ive just discovered it, keep going ;)


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