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(140) Aromatherapy Associates - Revive Morning


I'm not a morning person at all and it takes a lot for me to feel upbeat about the day, I'm alright once I've had my tea and crumpet but generally waking up is such an effort. This was until I discovered Aromatherapy Associates 'Revive Morning'. I love the range of Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oils, they are so relaxing and great to unwind with so I was a little unsure whether this would  make me feel invigorated or would have me wanting to crawl back into bed. I am such a shower person, so what I do is apply the oil directly to my body and wow this is the most uplifting and refreshing way to start my day. Revive morning is a blend of grapefruit, rosemary and juniper berry it's so fresh and really gets me going for the day. This one is particularly detoxifying so great if you've had a night out and you're feeling a little sluggish. Although one cap full is recommended I find these oils are so effective, that I tend to use half a cap and it works wonders. Revive Morning really leaves me feeling so refreshed and ready for whatever the day brings, it's the perfect pick me up! 

Revive Morning available HERE

Have any of you tried the Aromatherapy Associates range? What are your favourites? Do you like bath/shower oils? 

Lots of Love


  1. Wow! I need this product bc I'm also not a morning person. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes! I have a pack of mini oils from this brand in revive, relax, invigorate etc and I love them! Sooo nice and they smell great for ages afterwards too :))

    S xx


  3. I love these. They smell amazing. I got a pack of minis in all different scents like relax, revive, invigorate etc and they're so great to use.
    S xx

  4. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to order it now and I'll tell you if it works on me :)
    Bisous and Ramadan Kareem

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