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(139) Sephora Purchases

When I was in Paris and Seville a stop at Sephora was essential! I have to admit I think I like the idea of Sephora more than I  do actually shopping there, I think it must be because it's a store we don't  have in the UK therefore the novelty to buy something is always there. 

All the products were by  Sephora Collection and I really rate the quality of their own brand products. 

Sephora Cream Lip Stain 6 - 'Forever Fuchsia'


I nearly squealed at excitement when I saw this colour in the creamy lip stains. If you are a frequent reader of my blog or have seen any of my videos, you will know I am obsessed with these. They come in an array of colours and for me they are my ideal form of lip product. The product goes on like a lip gloss creamy and semi wet within seconds it dries to a perfect matte colour and quite literally doesn't budge. This colour 'Forever Fuchsia' is amazing, it's bright, it's neon and it's pink!


I love it.. Thanks to Chloe for helping me spot this baby! We literally had minutes to shop and I'm so glad I got my hands on this, I'm pretty sure this is a new colour as I've never seen it before, I know if I had it would have already been mine.


Available HERE

Sephora Coconut Body Creamy Wash and Body Scrub 


I absolutely love coconut based products but I sometimes find that the scent can be over powering. I must say though these products are softly scented and feel so great on the skin. I think from what one of my readers was telling me is that this range is being discontinued or reformulated, therefore these were really cheap at like 3 Euros so if you can get your hands on the range do so! The scrub I purchased in Seville after using the Body Creamy Wash, I had used a similar scrub at my girl Flo's place and loved the texture. I find the body scrubs I tend to use are really deeply exfoliating whereas this one has small beads therefore a lot lighter in exfoliation but still really effective. After being on holiday in 40 C heat my skin was so dry and dehydrated and after using these my skin felt moisturised and super soft. 

Sephora Hand Candy 


The main reason I picked up this hand cream was because I loved the name 'Hand Candy'. This hand cream is the perfect size to pop in your handbag and is ideal for travelling around. It's really light weight and really moisturising without being overly greasy - Something that's so important to me when it comes to hand creams. 

What have you buying lately? 

Lots of Love


  1. Wow that hot pink shade is gorgeouss, I have that sephora stain in a red color and it stays on for ages !! totally underrated lip product in the blogging world lol


  2. I bought Forever Fuschia in May, from NY - really need to do a post on it, gorgeous shade!

  3. the lip stain is absolutely gorgeous! how much was it? x

  4. love the lip stain - it's amazing and SO bright! never had chance to go to Sephora but i will, one day ahaa.

    Nadia xo

  5. That lipgloss is such a gorgeous colour, looks amazing on you! :-) xo

  6. OMG love the pink sephora lipstick !! this is gorgeous

  7. i was the reader that told you about this range being reformulated :) last night i actually picked up the last body butter in pineapple and grenadine! gonna miss it!

  8. I love that colour on you! I just received Nars lipstick in Shiap and it's soooo nice! It's quite similar in the sense that they're both long last bright pinks :) xx

  9. That lip clolour looks hott on you x

  10. This lipstick looks soooo amazing on you ! I might go to Sephora tomorrow :) I would also like to try the coconut shower cream ! I've never commented on your blog, because (obviouly) English is not my mother tongue so I was too shy for that... Anyways, I just wanted you to know that I really love your blog and your videos, you're an inspiration for me ! xxx

  11. olalaaa i want this lipgloss <3
    & ur so amazing.


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