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(137) Instagramming Part 18.. London, Paris, Seville!



1. Packing Blinging Benefit! 2. Longchamp in a Longchamp! 3. French Pharmacies in Paris 4. Starbucks in Paris 5. Best helmet in Paris! 6. My LOVER @Chloehollywood 7. It's Chloe and me! lol.. 8.Erasing FUCKs 9. Cocktails and Creeps lol.. CHLOOEE 10. We eat our macaroons with chopsticks! 11.  La Duree in Paris Orly airport 12. Breakfast before flying! 13. My beat up passport en route to Seville! 14. Eiffel Tower from the clouds 15. Sky High 16. Landing in Seville 17. Dinner by the river in Seville 18. YUM 19. Fanning! 20.The end of 50! 21. Best cab ever!! 22. Spain has 50 fever! 23. Bilindo Sevilla! 24. Poolside 25. Back in Paris at Planet Sushi! 26. Planet Sushi Pariiiss 27. Nutella Sushi 28. Sunny days in Paris 29. Goodbye Frenchy 30.Reunited with Bestie 31. SNOG-ing! 32. Inception moment on Tower Bridge.

Hello my loves.. It has honestly been agesss since I've sat at my laptop to blog, a lot has been happening and it's been a whirlwind of a week. For those who don't follow me on Twitter/Instagram then you may not know that I've been away. I went to Paris last week and spent few days there, I honestly had the best time with my friends and of course Chloe who you may know at The Hollywood Heels. We spent hours laughing, eating and sitting outdoors in Paris the sun even briefly came out it was just PERFECT! After Paris I spent 5 days in Seville which was just magical, everything was amazing! The weather, the food, laying poolside and relaxing it was such a great break, I will do a more in-depth post on Seville shortly. We then headed back to Paris, it's home from home for me and I have some exciting news regarding that to share soon. I got back to London this week and it was nice to be home to catch up with my bestie although I'm not as appreciative of this weather.. Ughh! 

How has everyone been? What's new.. I am slowly, slowly catching up with my mass amount of posts I have to upload EEEk! Have a good weekend.. 

Lots of Love 


  1. Rien ne compare a Paris :) Great shots, love macaroons xx


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