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(134) My MAC Must Haves!



I had a little stock up on some of my favourite MAC products and thought I'd share them with you!


MAC Studio Sculpt NC44
This has become my favourite foundation over the last few years. It's a gel based formula which is a medium to full coverage foundation, which I like because it allows you to wear it as light or as full on as you wish to. At this time of the year I am usually an NC45 but as the sun is hardly shining and I haven't been on holiday yet the 44 is still good I tend to mix the two until I get lighter/darker. 

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW35 
I have been using MAC's studio finish for a while but I tried this again a few weeks ago and I forgot how much I liked it. The liquid formula is light weight but it's such great coverage and has a beautifully powder-like finish. I definitely find this really great for concealing and brightening under my eyes. I also like the way in which it blends in beautifully to my foundation. 


MAC Modesty Lipstick 
If you have followed my blog or watched any of my videos on YT you will know that MAC's Modesty is my favourite MAC lipstick of all time! I never thought I'd be able to choose just one lipstick but this is definitely number one! It's the perfect colour for my lips, it's a gorgeous nude which is the perfect blend between a pink and brown. It's a creme sheen finish and has such a lovely glossy finish. This is the only lipstick I have ever finished right to bottom I think I'm on my third! 


MAC Spice Lipliner 
This is a new purchase for me and it's a new lip liner. I saw this gorgeous colour on a woman and when she told me it was this lip liner I had to dash to MAC to have it, I love nothing more than a good lip liner. I've come to realise that no lip is perfect without a lip liner, this is a warm brown lip liner and I can't wait to use it. 


MAC Peachtwist Blusher
This is the ultimate Summer blush, it's such a warm shimmery colour that looks gorgeous on sun kissed skin. I have used Peachtwist for years and I gave my last one to my aunty, therefore it felt right that I repurchased one just in time for holiday sun! It's such a rich coral colour with a lovely gold shimmer through it. I love it! 

Nothing like MAC staples! What are your favourite and must have MAC products? 

Lots of Love 


  1. Ohh I want to try out the MAC lip products you mentioned! And the blusher looks divine! x

  2. I need to add Modesty and Peachtwist to my collection! Love Spice Liner, totally agree that it also works great on its own. If you can still get hold of the MAC Fashion Set collection, There's a LE lipstick of the same shade x

  3. Modesty is my next buy :)

  4. I've heard so many great things about Spice! I'll have to check it out :) I agree that lipliner is underrated by can make a lip last longer and look so much more complete!


  5. Ooo I love the look of peachtwist! One of my MAC must haves has got to be the Plush Lash mascara, it's great for your lashes as you can build up the boldness xox

  6. Peachtwist looks like the perfect summer shade. My year round MAC must have is Brun shadow for my eyebrows.


  7. I might have to try out that modesty lipstick

  8. i only just bought MAC's pro longwear concealer last Saturday and so far so good!

  9. I want to try the lipstick and the lip liner.

  10. Everytime I come on your blog my shopping list gets longer and longer! Modesty looks absolutely gorgeous!


  11. Great MAC products. I need that lip liner in my life!

  12. gorgeous buys!
    its so great having another brown blogger out there! It alwaysssssss helps when thinking of buying foundations ect and which shade to get! :)

  13. my MAC musthaves are Brave lipstick which is a nice pinky nude for me(for reference im an nc42), Margin blush, mineralize skinfinish in med dark and fix +. I've been wanting to try Modesty lipstick for awhile, guess I'll go get it! Also, Peachtwist is one of my summer blushes.. beautiful color!

  14. I agree with you about lip liners! I've just recently been getting in to the whole lip liner thing.. From mac I have Dervish which is a lovely mauvey brownish shade.. Works well with my nudes.. And my latest one is Boldly bare which is awesome for the likes of Hue and such..

    Pro Longwear concealer is MAC staple for me.. It got a few mentions on my blog.. In Dubai's weather, I found it to be the best concealer in terms of longevity..

    Great post! Thanks for sharing! =)

  15. MAC Modesty is my favourite lip stick too!

  16. I love MAC! but their concealer... not so much. Have you guys ever broke out? I went to an esthetician and she gave me this Not sure if you've heard of it but I recommend it

    Love your blog xoxo

  17. love that blush, it would look amazing on my skin tone. i have to get my hands on it. great blog!


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