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(128) GHD Red Gloss IV Styler



When GHD asked me to review their new limited edition Gloss IV styler I jumped at the chance. I opted for the gorgeous 'Red Gloss' as they were super sexy. There are so many things I love about GHD hair straighteners I used to have throughout my teens and when my last pair broke (beyond repair) I opted for a a pair of Sedu straighteners. 

It's so nice to have a pair of GHD hair straighteners back in my life they are so easy and effortless to use. I love how quickly they heat up and they work so well in my hair, making styling a breeze. This pair is the popular 1 inch and I love that barrel is rounded, it allows you to get right to the roots. For those who don't know I always use hair straighteners when curling my hair and this glossy pair glides through my hair effortlessly, the curved design also helps with creating gorgeous curls!


What I love most about these GHD's has to be the automatic switch off, I can't explain how often I have to come home to check that I turned off my straightens so this will definitely keep my mind at ease. I also think it's great that GHD's have a universal voltage which is great for me as I like to travel often.

Seriously though, how hot is the red? I love it, makes a change from the standard black. 

How many of you are GHD fans? They really are fab! The Limited Edition GHD Red Gloss IV styler is available to by HERE

Lots of Love 


  1. i don't have GHDs, but i have constantly heard great reviews about them. i hope to get a pair soon x

  2. sexy color! love it! have a nice day:) xoxo

  3. I love the red, they are super sexy! Mine have red plates so that will have to do!

    Sarah xx

  4. I swear by GHD's and these are gorgeous. I tend to stick with the wider ones which rarely come in Ltd edition colours which is a shame.

    beckys makeup

  5. They're beautiful. I think anything red is sexy hehe. Could you do a hair tutorial on how you curl your hair or wave your hair with straightners?

  6. I Love this! I got mine back when it came out with the other colours, (purple, blue & Green) and i think it looks way better than the classic black! x


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