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(125) Current Favourite Hair Products Video


In case any of you haven't seen it, I uploaded a video last week on my favourite products for treating and styling my hair. As many of you are aware my hair is bleached and it has caused a lot of damage so the products I mention have been great at looking after the condition of my hair as well as preparing it for heat styling. 

Open the video in YouTube for links to the products mentioned. 

What have you been loving and using for your hair lately?

Lots of Love 


  1. The colour on your nails in this video is amazing! What is it? I just neeeeed it now :)

  2. Totally agree with you we spend so much money on makeup and face products why should our hair be any different - it's rare to find products on a budget value that give us what we need 100% but Moroccan Oil for me is a must have - great products love xo

  3. Love this video!


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