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(114) Watch The Throne.. We went 'HAM'!












This time last week I was at the Watch The Throne tour/Afterparty in Antwerp Belgium and it was such a great night I wanted to share some pictures I took at the concert. I went to see the tour last year in Miami on my birthday (15th November) and it was such an epic night I didn't think seeing it for the second time around would be as good.. But - It was BETTER! I don't know if it was because I was with my girl Flo and we have such amazing energy when we are together, either way it was AMAZING. I love Kanye I think I've seen him live 3 times and well Jay- Z is just a legend. We really did go HAM.. I am such a Hip Hop head and I go to concerts whenever I can so just thought I'd share. I took some pretty amazing videos which I might make into a medley and upload to my YouTube channel. The after party was also insane Kanye West had actually paid everyones entrance to the club Mansion which should have been 70 Euros and did a no-show. Instead we partied to the sound of his official DJ all night long. We partied till 6 AM and I think I am still so hype from the concert. Good times with Good people!

Did any of you go to WTT? What concerts have you been to lately? PS How cool is my tour t-shirt? I love it.. 

lots of love 


  1. Jealous, jealous, JEALOUS!
    But glad you had a awesome time...
    I just went to my first ever concert last month, Drake's Club Paradise, saw two of my favs, Drake, & J.Cole, good times indeed.

  2. I've heard loads of good reviews about the Watch The Throne concert, but sadly I haven't had the chance to see it myself. Love the t-shirt! x

  3. Hi Zara I a. Going on Friday ! Here in the Netherlands I cannot wait OMG, it looks so awesome !

  4. I went to the one in London last month and it was off the hoooooooooook! I wish I had gone for all 5 days! It was amazing! And there was a surprise performance by Rihanna on the first day as well!

  5. WTT was epic!!! I attended the last night at the O2 in London and the crowd was insane it was a great night. Highlight had to be Jay performing On to the next one and of course H*A*M. You got some great photos plus I love your t-shirt

  6. This looks like so much fun!

  7. I did i did!! It was so amazing - seen them both 4 times and they get better every time I see them!!! Seeing Jay Z just reminds me why I even got into hip hop!!!


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