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(108) MAC Radiance Favourites!


Hey guys.. really sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been super busy and I'm currently in Antwerp, Belgium. I am here visiting my good friend Flo and conveniently avoiding the Queens Jubilee in London. I have lots of posts that I started editing the pictures for on the train over here. So if I get the chance I will be posting from over here this weekend. 


As I was packing my make up I decided to do a post on a few products that I love from MAC and that have been staples to my collection for years, I find myself reaching for these a lot lately. 


MAC Strobe Cream 

I bought this before I discovered the Strobe lotion. This gorgeous cream is fantastic for really adding radiance to the skin, it has a pearlised finish and I use this product in a few different ways. I either apply the strobe cream to my skin after moisturising and before foundation, I find it really leaves your skin looking healthy. I sometimes find that if I apply this all over it ends up looking radiant all over which isn't always what I like. In that case I tend to apply it to my cheek bones and down the centre of my nose. 

The other way I like to use MAC's Strobe cream is mixed in with my foundation, again this gives the finish of my foundation a more dewy look. 

The last way I use strobe cream is after I've applied my foundation I take a small amount and pat it on to my cheekbones, my nose and my cupids bow as a highlighter. 

I think the Strobe Cream is one of those multi purpose MAC must have products! The one thing i dislike about the Strobe Cream is the packaging, I find it really hard to get the cream out and for someone who suffers from arthritis this can definitely be frustrating. The cream is also quite thick and lately I have been opting for the lighter weight option of the Strobe Lotion.

MAC Strobe Lotion 

This works in the same way to the Strobe Cream the only difference is that the consistency is a lot lighter therefore I find it a lot easier to incorporate into my make up regime. I also like that it doesn't feel like another layer, there are so many steps to make up that sometimes you end up feeling like you just have too much on. I like the way the lotion feels on my skin and because it's lighter it blends better into my skin. 

I also find the packaging of the lotion more practical and definitely easier to use. 

MAC Fix + 

Fix + Is another MAC cult product! At this time of the year when it gets a bit hot and stuffy I find setting my make up with a mist is essential. Not only does it keep my make up in place it also keeps my skin feeling refreshed. This is the ideal size to be carrying around in your handbag and most definitely when you're traveling. This is another product which leaves the skin looking radiant, when the sun comes out I love my skin to look healthy and dewy and these products from MAC have been favourites for years. 


Do any of you use the Strobe Cream/Lotion? What do you think? What about Fix +? Are you all for radiant skin in the Summer? 

Lots of Love 



  1. I used to own the strobe cream and loved it. It gives an amazing base for your foundation. My skin used to be dry and now it's combination so I wouldn't really recommend it to people who suffer from oil in their tzone but overall an amazing product
    Beauty Fiends blog

  2. I recently bought MAC's fix+ again after years. And I love it!

  3. I recently bought Fix+ and Strobe cream... I love it, I love Mac Cosmetics


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