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(103) Kim Kardashian True Reflection Press Launch


Yesterday I was invited down to the Rose club in London to celebrate the launch of Kim Kardashian's latest fragrance.If you read about my first encounter with Kim K you will know that I wasn't overly impressed with her debut fragrance or her vacant/not-really-all there personality! This time round one of those things changed and that was my thoughts on her latest fragrance (Sorry to disappoint!)



'True Reflection' is Kim Kardashians fourth fragrance and in my opinion probably the best! The scent of this perfume is very sweet, Summery and girly - Just my sort of fragrance. This scent is far from the heavy, floral scent of Kim Kardashian's first fragrance. Instead, to me this has a much lighter and feminine feel. I think it's a good mix of fruity, floral notes balanced out by base notes of musk, patchouli and woods. I know I will be wearing this fragrance for sure and I really like the design of the bottle - this one is defineltey a winner for me!


Kim Kardashian looked as beautiful as you would expect her to. From the first time I met her I knew how immaculately groomed she was and this time was no different. She wore a lace black and red ensemble with Tom Ford heels. I took a sneaky pic of the shoes when we sat with her for a chat about her inspiration behind this fragrance. Her make up was flawless - A heavily contoured face, sparkly smokey navy eye, full on lashes and a typically nude Kim lip. Even though we sat down and engaged with her I still found her to be very vacant, I almost feel as if she doesn't talk to ensure there's never a bad photo of her - REAL TALK!


Kim Kardashian True Reflection is available exclusively at Debenhams and will be available nationwide from June 2012. 

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The event was sponsored by Midori and I love my new phone case from Midori that was in my goody bag - So Summery!


What do you think about Kim K? Will you be trying this?

Lots of Love 



  1. Ahh! She looks gorgeous! You are so lucky to have met her! I wasn't the biggest fan of her first fragrance, but I'll be sure to check this one out when I'm next in Debenhams! x

  2. If I didn't know, I'd think your were a celebrity as well. You look amazing!

  3. Great post! I was thinking if you were going to be there or not! I remembered your last post & was defiantly looking forward to this one. As soon as I saw 'Kim Kardashian Fragrance Review' I instantly giggled because I remember the last one & what you thought about it!

    I shall be sampling her new fragrance to see if it up to standards! I'll take your word for it Zara!
    Love your blog!! xoxo

    LaelStyles :) ♥

  4. The phone case is cute! You know my thoughts on Kim already...

  5. can i say you look much better than her? the super nude lip is not very flattering!

  6. I'll definitely give it a sniff, see how it is :) And yeah you look gorgeous in the photo, and I'd imagine its hard to look so lovely next to Kim! She sounds like a bit of a drybag though doesn't she? :P

  7. Aww I cant lie I love Kimmy K! Always my makeup inspiration! I actually liked her first fragrance, and I really want to try this one! So jealous you got to meet her haha! Xx

  8. You look great. I don't remember ever trying any of Kim's fragrances, will look out for this one. Btw, have been loving your You Tube videos, you come across as a natural!!!

  9. The only perfume of her I have is the 1st one, & I like it but not really. Deff want to try this one out. I love her ad photos for this one. & omg, I am totally jeloues you got to see her for a 2ND time (& not to mention Drake & J. Cole)...Last Sept in NYC I was suppose to go to Bloomingdale's to see her, for her Bella Noel line, I was so sick I couldn't make it...However, with my luck the next day I see her MA Joyce, & that guy, don't remember his name. I totally think your right about the whole not talking thing, I don't think she wants a bad photo either. You both look gorgeous!

  10. I loved the perfume tooooooo... SO much nicer than her previous one... and in terms of personality, I thought she was really sweet! x

  11. Wow, amazing pictures!
    Kim looks so beautiful as always <3

  12. You guys look pretty!

  13. Kim looks nothing compared to you ;) This is my first time commenting and I just have to say i LOVE your blog and am so happy you started a YouTube channel! XO

  14. Was looking forward to your thoughts on Kimmy K this time around..oh well no change there then..Was Kanye lurking behind a curtain somewhere?! Lol!

  15. LMAO at "I almost feel as if she doesn't talk to ensure there's never a bad photo of her - REAL TALK!"....from watching KUWTK I kinda know her personality is blahhh

  16. Would u believe me when i tell u that u lookpretirr than her, u r so pretty mashAlalh.

  17. Awe, You & Kim So Much Alike! Same Exact Nose. Thanks For The Review, I Love Fragrances & I Was Looking Into Buying A Kim Kardashian One But Just Didn't Know What To Expect From Them.

  18. You look lovely!!! i know what you mean its like she doesnt want to have a bad picture!!

  19. Wow. Checkout the body language. Like she'd catch something from you. YOU look beautiful : )

  20. i'm sure that Kim K is a lovely girl, but she looks soooooooo uptight! i saw her interview when she was on the alan carr show promoting her new fragrance and she was not very entertaining or interesting. she was more concerned about about wrinkling her dress.......if would be nice to see her relax; i mean properly relax. i supposed it doesn't help when you're constantly followed by cameras.

    anyhoo, based on your review, i'll give her perfume a try x


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